10 Good Reasons Why School Needs A Library

1. Library improves student’s outcomes. Collection of books enriches reading and learning programmes.

2. Library provides research place to the users.

3. Library is the only place in an academic institution which offers serene atmosphere to speculate, reflect and browse the treasure of knowledge that is BOOKS.

4. For many people reading is a very good stress buster. Library provides a variety of options to choose from and it inculcates reading habits in the learners.

5. Library is a knowledge hub, where people can find resources and enhance their knowledge. People find this point irrelevant, arguing that “google” gives a bigger and better knowledge hub. If that was the case then all the schools and libraries will close and people will learn only from Google and Youtube. No doubt these are good sources of information but the kids cannot be left alone with these search engines and entertainment channels. Human intervention and guidance is very much required and that can be provided either by teachers, parents or librarians only.

6. Library helps people know different culture and languages. The collection of books, magazines and journals brings stories/ articles from different parts of the world and people come to know about different communities, their culture, economic aspects and various other features.

7. With the help of resources in the libraries, the teachers can plan their UOI in a better way. They can present a bigger picture in front of the students which helps the students to learn and understand better.

8. Library helps to bring people together who can collaborate and work together towards a common goal.

9. Library teaches you how to be organized. Being organized is something one should develop as a skill and implement these skills in one’s everyday life. Library teaches you these skills. Library teaches you to follow the queue system, the arrangement of books teaches you how to keep your things well arranged at home or offices, because by keeping things in a systematic way, helps you locate the things easily and quickly.

10. Library embodies the principles of ‘learner agency’ — students having the independence to choose their own reading and to find resources help them develop their interests and strengths at their own pace.

Yatin Dengri
Librarian IBDP and Sr Wing

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