DPSG student Karuka Kalra reveals her secret homework hacks!

“Nothing is more powerful for your future than being a gatherer of good ideas and information. That’s called doing your homework.”, as quoted by the very famous author Emanuel James Rohn. Homework is a very integral part of a student’s life. From learning alphabets to solving algebraic equations, homework has always been there. Homework is a tool, which provides us with an effective image of what we learn. Going back home and revisiting what we learnt aids in building a stronger foundation of the topic.

“I GET TONS OF HOMEWORK DAILY” is a phrase used by many of the students around us to describe their misery, but is homework actually a big burden or is that because of our faulty plan of action. A tried and tested method is making a checklist and prioritizing our homework. Now this is the tricky part of the procedure. Attempting and completing the toughest assignment is the first and foremost task. The joy of striking off each task one by one is immense. Next comes time management, it is the most important feature of the process. Time management is where most of the focus is required. While making the checklist dividing the time in hand is the key. Now how can the process of completing your homework be amusing as well as efficient at the same time?

Some students play music while doing their homework and so do I, while some enjoy eating or watching television. This part can be quite creative and each one of us has our own unique methods of doing so. This not only assists us in completing the task faster but also makes it quite easy and enjoyable at the same time.

Another troublesome part of the process is “multitasking”. This is something, which takes time to evolve. Being able to complete mathematics homework followed by Physics and then Hindi can be tiring for some while entertaining for others but the only way out is practice through daily completion of the homework assigned. Leaving homework for the coming days or simply copying it from others can seem easier for the time being but thinking about the future, being independent in completion of your homework in this competitive world is quite important. In conclusion, homework should not be seen as a burden but as an opportunity which will help us have a better understanding of the topic, and also resolve any problems faced then and there itself.

CLASS:10 – E

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