Her looks are no more special, her face reveals her age, her body shows some wear and tear and her energy is not the same.

She is over sixty or seventy. Whatever the crisis may be, we never hear her whine. She always has that smile on her face and enough optimism in store to tell us that she is alright. She spends time tending to the plants, early morning when the entire home rests in the arms of Morpheus, she places herself in a chaise lounge or under a ‘gulmohar’ tree, smells petrichor after monsoon showers and sips tea with a newspaper in her hands. It is all about appreciating her present!

 Who is she, you ask me?


During this health crisis period, the things she used to do with ease, now cause aches and pains. She panics inside. Yes, her heart gallops, she feels older, she feels lonely. The tough times that we’ve been pulled into, with our busy virtual life, we might have forgotten that there is one old woman sitting in our home, the one who trained us to walk, is not able to step up further without our support.

Let’s apprise her -NOTHING CAN HAPPEN TO HER.

Let’s brew her a cup of tea and enjoy together. Let’s share snippets of our lives with her. Let’s play an old song of her taste, sit on our garden bench, hold her hand, share earphones and hum along. Let’s make silly discussions revolving around whether the singer is ‘Kishore Kumar ‘or Mohammad Rafi, and watch her eyes sparkle when she discloses that the song was sung by Hemant Kumar instead and at that time let her feel winner of a filmfare award by your words-


Let’s tell her how much we love wearing the sweater she knits for us during winters, then notice, how quickly she takes out her knitting kit and searches for the best designs from her collection of old magazines, how passionately she adds flavor of ginger, basil and mint in our tea and opens up about her mouthwatering recipes of traditional desserts on festivals. Miraculously, now, all her conflicts go away and she feels an undercurrent bloom and spread across her heart.

With a cheesy smile at her face she flips the other side of her life and starts playing cards with the youngsters in the family. She speaks about her happy times, retells old life stories and experiences, reopens photo albums of when we were infants and the black and white pictures of moments captured together.

Her eyes can still shine and are quite aware of the beauty inside, her soul can still feel endless love, joy and peace.
She is still here, wants to live, to be valued and not to be missed. 

Somehow it is more precious than all the candlelight dinners in the world put together.

Greetings to all senior citizens from DPSG family! Stay healthy, stay safe.

By Ruchi Singhal, PRT DPSG

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21 Responses

  1. Deepak Agarwal says:

    Awesome Ruchi Singhal

  2. Shivani Verma says:

    This is such a beautiful piece. Your blog made me nostalgic. Feeling a range of emotions rn ❤️

  3. Aarushi Singhal says:

    I love the image you’ve painted with words. It’s inspiring. 😇

  4. Ritika sapra(yahvi mom) says:

    Beautiful mam…all the best ..keep rocking

  5. Pallavi Mathur says:

    Very nice and emotional write up. It reminds me how we usually forget our elders in our busy life.
    Thank you for this wake up call.
    Looking forward for more wonderful blogs.

  6. Sakshi says:

    Lovely article.. well written mam

  7. Manika Gupta says:

    Very beautifully written Mam.. Indeed our grandparents sprinkle sparkles in our lives 🙏

  8. Atishay Jain says:

    She is extraordinary. Very nice teacher.

  9. Ritu Gupta says:

    Really very heart touching ma’am.. great work with full of emotions.. great going..

  10. Ruchi Singhal says:

    Thanks a ton.

  11. Ruchi Singhal says:

    Thank you very much

  12. Ruchi Singhal says:

    Thank you

  13. Ruby Sethi Grover says:

    Beautifully expressed the portrait of the most valuable relationship 👍

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