“Your worship is your furnaces,

Which, like old idols, lost obscene,

Have molten bowels; your vision is

Machines for making more machines.”

The antiquity of science revolves around the concept of life on the planet earth. From the invention of wheel to that of the nuclear incendiary, the hominoids have held a number of pre-eminent discoveries which are leading to the elevation of the human society. The modern machines have reduced the human workforce to the zenith. This magnificent lifestyle that the scientific breakthrough has given to the human race seems to be an exquisite benefaction, but the astonishing truth is that this breakthrough has led to unimaginable exploitation of natural wealth.

Every day I see the huge material, intellectual and nervous resources of thousands of people being poured into the creation of a means of total destruction, something capable of annihilating all human civilization. I notice that the control levers are in the hands of people who, though talented in their own ways, are cynical. In this day and age, we have reached the pinnacle of destruction of nature. It had all started with the development and discovery of elements for the benefit of the human race, to make existence easier. But eventually, all this has led to severe devastation of the resources that we extract from the nature for new inventories.

For instance, the environmentalist today, are seeking to call attention to the usage of water because it is the softest contrivance, yet it can perforate the mountains and the earth. It is one of the pre-eminent benefactions of nature to the human beings. From the primitive to the contemporary times, water has played the role of irreplaceable natural wealth. But on the contrary, the water in its part has always encountered the filth, profane and destructive culmination of its magnificence. Water starts its peregrination from the zenith of the mountains, amputating the rocks making way for itself in the form of a river. This journey of the watercourse from the pinnacle to the depths of the ocean is the chronicle from being pure to polluted. In legend and in sanctity, in prose and poetry, the river Yamuna has been enshrined as a primordial Goddess, constituting the agricultural lifeline of the many encampments preceding the present-day Delhi. But the capital city of Delhi offloads about 58% of its remnants into the river Yamuna. Due to this the Yamuna is often heeded as ‘EFFLUENT CONDUIT’. Now, it is the need of the hour to make prudent use of our natural wealth. Therefore, the phenomenon of SUSTAINABILITY is the most talked off today so that even our future generations get to experience the magnificence of this nirvana on the Earth. This is the time when the humans have to bring out some dexterous concepts for the sustainability of the resources to maintain the paradise on earth.


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  1. Ramesh sah says:

    It is very nice to share our new idea to develope new

  2. Anamika Makkar says:

    Mental Health of the child as much necessary as their Physical Health.
    Mental health depends upon-
    1)unconditional love from family
    2)Encouraging teachers
    3) Good and true classmates and friends.
    4) Mistakes and defects should be excepted and accepted.
    Good mental health allows children to think clearly, develop socially And learn new skills.It allows the children develop self confidence, high Self esteem and a healthy emotional outlook on life.

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