5 Tips To Help Students With Public Speaking Skills

Many people feel anxiety and nervousness while speaking in front of a wide audience. It can very well be termed as stage freight, and it makes people retract into their shell. But like any activity that expands your comfort zone, public speaking gets easier the more you do it. The children from the very start should be encouraged and prepared to speak confidently in public and in front of a wide audience. They have a promising future ahead of them, which seeks their public speaking skills to a great extent. And a person skilled well with this has a better chance to fare well in various opportunities and capacities.

Whether they’re preparing for their first speech or making presentations on a regular basis, here are five tips to improve their public speaking skills.

  • Practice: Even great speakers practice their speeches beforehand. Students should be taught to practice their speeches with the help of a recording device or video camera and then watch what can be improved by seeing that. If you are feeling brave, practice in front of a friend or family member and ask for feedback.
  • Rack Up Experience: The more a student will speak in front of people, the more he/she will get the confidence to speak well. Thus, they should be encouraged by the teachers and mentors to build up their confidence by speaking in front of the class and take feedback from their peers. They should also make arrangements for any audio-video equipment and practice standing in the exact spot where they can deliver the speech.
  • Observe Other Speakers: Students should be taught to observe and learn from various speakers about their body language and the way they communicate with the audience. They should practice imitating their style and confidence.
  • Manage The Anxiety: Students should be taught ways to deal with their feeling and anxiety to make public speaking easier. They should have people to talk freely about their feeling and to help them visualize confidence while delivering the speech.
  • Speaking Tips: Sometimes, just knowing what makes a good speech can help students feel more confident. The following tips that can help them speak well publicly are:
    • They should be nurtured to develop their own style as a public speaker.
    • Teach them to avoid filler words like “basically”, “well”, “um”, etc.
    • Tell them to vary their tone, volume and speed.
    • Avoid apologising.
    • Tell them to smile and present themselves as a warm speaker.

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