6 Parenting Tips To Guide Children During COVID19

Parenting is not only about making the right choices for your child’s future but also about addressing their curiosity, fears and dilemmas. Children rely on their parents for a great extent for safety, both physical and emotional. They need a constant reassurance from parents that they are there for them and will get them through this together.

COVID19 has taken the world upside down with fear and uncertainty. Children are the worst hit species from this pandemic as they are not able to execute the most basic right of education in a systematic manner. They are not able to meet their friends, teachers, and mentors. This has instilled a lot of fear in them regarding their future. It’s important for the parents to address these issues with empathy, simplicity, and honesty. A few tips are:

  • Recognize your child’s feeling: It’s imperative for parents to recognize the child’s feeling and emotions with empathy. Also, try to find some fun activities to be done with the child at home for changing his/her mood and feelings.
  • Keep in Touch with the Loved Ones: Show them to take care of the elderly and loved ones through video calls and messaging. It helps in catering anxiety issues in kids as well as in your loved ones.
  • Model How To Manage Feelings: Talk them through how you are managing your own feelings. Children learn a great deal from their parents and no better way than this to treat their fear of pandemic.
  • Keep Healthy Routines: Have a structured day at home with establishing new routines and schedules, managing their time between school, homework and house chores.
  • Use Positive Discipline: Younger children are most likely to describe their stress, anxiety or fear through their behaviour and attitude. Parents need to be diligent in redirecting their children’s bad behaviour in creative and positive activities. Also, look in for rewarding or giving them privilege for their good work and behaviour.
  • Teach them To Take Care of Themselves: Make them learn to take care of themselves by eating healthy, exercising and getting enough sleep.

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