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Coping with CBSE Exam Time Pressure: Essential Tips for Students.

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED May 10, 2023, UPDATED May 10, 2023

Exams for grades 10 and 12 are administered by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), a national board of education in India. Many schools, both in India and overseas, use the CBSE curriculum. However, the CBSE examinations are tricky, and students frequently experience extreme pressure while they study for them. In this article, we'll review several fundamental concepts related to CBSE exams that might assist students in managing time pressure.

How are CBSE exams administered?

The NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) syllabus, used by many schools in India and overseas, serves as the foundation for the tests. The CBSE examinations are known for being competitive. Therefore, students who want to do well must study hard.

The conceptual and practical exams for the CBSE exams are given in two phases. First, the three-hour theory tests are administered using a pen-and-paper format. The test has two different categories of questions: objective and subjective. The subjective questions are short answers and extended responses, whereas the objective questions are multiple-choice. The subjective questions receive varied marks according to length and difficulty, whereas the objective questions receive one mark each.

The CBSE exams have a rigid marking structure that outlines the allocation of points for each question, the chapter's importance, and the questions most likely to be asked. 

Common Causes of Stress And Time Pressure After The Cbse Exam

Students preparing for crucial exams that will determine their academic destiny, such as those given by the CBSE, can find themselves in a stressful situation. After finishing their examinations, students may still feel anxious and under time pressure as they await the results of their tests and ponder their options moving forward.

After they have finished their CBSE board exams, students may find themselves dealing with the following common sources of stress and time pressures:

Watching for the outcome

Students may experience anxiety while waiting for their test results because their scores can impact the colleges and careers they are eligible for.

College admissions

Following the conclusion of their final exams, students could have a sense of urgency to apply to schools and universities and finish the application process as soon as possible.

The process of selecting a career path

The CBSE board exams are often when students begin to think about the careers they want to pursue. Students could experience anxiety as a result of this decision. 

Catching up with preparations

Students who have missed lessons or assignments while studying for CBSE board examinations may feel pressured to make up for lost ground as quickly as possible so that they stay caught up in their preparations.

Balancing extracurricular activities

After the finals, it's common for students to feel pressured to get involved in extracurricular activities so they may improve their resumes and applications to colleges. But, unfortunately, it can add more stress and put further pressure on time.

Dealing with stress and time pressure

After the CBSE board exams, students must learn how to manage their stress and time constraints for their academic progress. The following techniques can aid students in coping:

  • Encourage students to prioritise self-care practices, including getting adequate sleep, eating well, and working out frequently. These pursuits can enhance their general well-being by lowering stress.
  • Encourage them to take breaks and do things they like to do, like reading, watching movies, or hanging out with friends and family. They can unwind and refresh by doing this.
  • Encourage students to discuss their worries and emotions with their parents, teachers, or counsellors—students with a support system report feeling less anxious and more encouraged.
  • Assist students in setting priorities and goals for their post-exam activities, such as filling out college applications, exploring job options, or finishing missed tasks.
  • Encourage students to make a calendar or planner to manage their time and stay organised. 
  • Encourage them to use mindfulness exercises like deep breathing or meditation to control their stress and remain calm.

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