DPSG Ghaziabad: A place that inspires personal and intellectual growth

Choosing the best school for your kids is no joke. You need to be associated with various curriculums, check out the faculty of that chosen institution, and even work on the best subject modes. You truly need a place that will inspire the students’ intellectual and personal growth. DPSG Ghaziabad is one such place, which has been holding its reputation for decades and gave rise to some of the masterminds.

So, getting a seat over here for your little kid is an awesome start to his career path. You get the chance to enroll your little one in the best school in Ghaziabad, which will shape up his career and make him ready for what the future holds. Learning about the school beforehand is a great start for parents. It helps them to get acclimatized with the studying environment and hope for the best results.

More on DPSG Ghaziabad:

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad or DPSG was founded by Mr. Om Pathak, who was also the District Magistrate of Ghaziabad, in 1980. He got his support from Lt, Colonel Dr. GPS Waraich, and Sh. Dharamvira, who was also the former principal of DPS in Mathura Road.

  • The school first started its operation in a hired building located in Raj Nagar on 5th September 1980.
  • Sh. Dharamvira laid the first foundation stone of the new building on 19th April 1981.
  • Right after that, the school shifted to its current location.
  • Over the past 40+ years, the school has progressed steadily, with some awesome students coming out from the institution.
  • It got its CBS affiliation in 1985, with 31 batches of Class XII passed through the portals of this same school.

A chance for integrated learning:

If there is something that DPSG Ghaziabad is known for, then that has to be integrated learning. It follows the student-centric learning model, which has helped the institution to get selections in IIT Advance, AIIMS, NEET, AIEEE, NDA, NIFT, and some of the other most prestigious international universities in the year 2019. So, once you have enrolled your little one in here, you can expect a bright future for her.

Loads of opportunities coming their way:

DPSG Ghaziabad is known for presenting its students with ample opportunities to develop courage, self-belief, and determination. It helps them to pursue their dreams and become human beings of their choices. So, not just focusing on education, but this school is known to give extra-curricular activities the same level of importance. So, if you want your kids to dream big, this institution is one for them.

Promising excellence right at its core:

DPSG Ghaziabad has successfully and constantly navigated its students towards procuring excellence in fields like medical, engineering, and all the other national competitive exams. So, they will get an earlier start to a bright future from this center. Getting seats is the biggest concern because of tough competition among parents these days. But, with pre-booking facilities, you can surely land up with the best seats for your little ones to explore.

Working on collaborative approach:

The institution is working in a collaborative manner to ensure that every student gets the chance to reach the pinnacle of success right here. It is all about the top level of service, and that’s exactly what the school is striving for.

Empowering the students to dream big:

The teaching faculty from DPSG Ghaziabad is always empowering and further inspiring students to reach the highest pinnacle of excellence. Yes, it took time to reach this destination, but finally, this institution proved its worth to the best in not just the town but in the entire nation.

The tradition to follow and provide excellence all the way through:

DPSG Ghaziabad has been working to create a tradition of excellence. For that, this institution will churn out feel-good success stories for years. If you are looking for the best and excellent services for your kids to help them master their livers, then this institution is hands-down the best one you can trust blindly.

What DPSG Ghaziabad wants for the kids:

The primary vision of DPSG Ghaziabad is to provide an effective and resourceful platform for the complete development of children. It is here to offer an environment that will help little kids to evolve right into responsible citizens of the world. It will aim to create a blend of values, quest, and technology for quality and excellence through the schools.

DPSG Ghaziabad is here to make learners realize their innate talent and true potential. It is one platform to encourage students to become open-minded risk-takers, thinkers, and inquirers. So, the teaching members are always ready to answer questions and provide detailed services to the students.

So, if you want your kids to be at the top of the success ladder, make sure to enroll them in DPSG Ghaziabad right away! There are limited seats, so hurry up!

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