How Do Children Maintain Their Mental Health?

“Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in which disease and infirmity are absent” -World Health Organization

We, humans get a swarm of 60,000 thoughts in our minds each day. While many of them are positive, a lot of them are negative too. These thoughts come from a number of sources, be it from our families, from our surroundings, from news, from social media or from work. Now these thoughts are important because they keep crowding our brain. Our brain is active every moment. It is thus crucial to monitor which thoughts are addressed and entertained by us.

Mental health is as important as our physical fitness. We forget that we cannot be called a healthy person until and unless we are mentally healthy too. Our emotional health does not only affect our physical well-being but it affects our efficiency to do chores and our psychological balance. And by taking care of our mental health, just like we do for our physical health, we can enrich our lives with more happiness, peace and joy.

The question arises, how do children maintain their mental health?

Children can take care of their mental health by building strong, caring relationships with their family and friends. It is important to practice healthy relationships with the right people. Choosing an environment where you feel happy and respected is the first step to a healthy brain.

Learn how to solve problems. For this you also need guidance from a trusted adult. Interact with your parents and your teachers and then solve real life problems which require you to think both mentally and emotionally.

Never be sorry for how you feel and what you feel. Talk to a trusted adult about your feelings. You cannot figure out everything by yourself.

These are some beautiful lines written by Lindsay Adkinson, which you should always keep in mind- ‘You would not pretend it did not hurt if you stubbed your toe. Emotional pain is just as valid as physical pain and you should never be ashamed of it. You are allowed to feel your feelings too. Your emotions are valid.’

By:- Shivangi Prasad

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