In light of this corona pandemic, we all have seen how there has been a drastic change in our lives. Talking about learning and education, we have all witnessed how this online world has brought up a new way of learning and understanding things.

 It is high time to recognise where are we lacking in the completion of goals ,which we designed in the beginning of the Year 2020. 

Here are some tips and suggestions you can adapt in order to adjust yourself to the online learning platform.

  • Wake up early, take a bath, freshen up and get ready before turning on your laptops

It has always been suggested that waking up early and getting ready in the morning helps to give you a kick start for the day ahead. Not only it contributes to your mental fitness but also enables you to plan and lay out some goals and tasks beforehand, thereby helping you to be more organized.

  • Take a short break from the screen every hour

For me, this is the most important and best practice to follow each day.  Continuously watching the screen of laptop or mobile can easily cause eye and head pain. People like me, who have a “pair of glasses along with the big frame bumped onto their eyes” are suggested to take a total break from the screen after every half an hour or so. And when I say “ total ” I mean a proper break and not a time to watch TV, movies or any other shows on Netflix . Just relax and lie down on your bed for a few minutes.

  • Not everything needs to be online

Personally, this tip has helped me a lot in getting along with my studies efficiently despite of the ongoing situation. Paper and pen have not yet disappeared from the world . Using your notebooks and diaries for writing notes , analysis etc is still preferable.  

Some people often believe that doing assignments, projects and specially writing important notes can be less time-consuming if done on their laptops or mobiles. Now, if you are one of these people, it will be hard for you to believe me. But seriously, according to my experience, things can go better if you write them down in short points even on a small piece of paper. People making projects and notes online generally prefer copying things straight away from the internet. But trust me; scribbling things down on paper automatically lets you add your own creative thoughts and ideas into the piece of writing.

 So just remember this the next time you start with your online learning –There should always be a balance between the work you prefer to do online and the work you should do offline.

I hope all these tips will help you in improving your performance in the ongoing virtual world .


By:- Anushka Goel Class IX – B

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