Role of Library in building ATL skills in Students

All the ATL (Approaches to Learning) skills are very important for the holistic development of the learner. These skills build the foundation for better learning strategy and make student a lifelong learner. All the ATL skills need to be taught to the student.  Every skill has importance in its own capacity and the library plays a very important role in developing these skills in the learner.

1.       Communication Skills : Library is a place where the learner develops communication skills by enhancing their reading skills. They learn new words, new languages and thus enhance their vocabulary. They use resources (Print and media) which help them to improve their listening, reading and speaking skills. Several activities are conducted in the libraries, where the students participate; they interact with one another, exchange thoughts and ideas and communicate with one another.

2.       Social Skills : The library is a social place where learners, teachers and parents come together and collaborate. The student learns how to work in a team and groups and they develop social skills by knowing one another, collaborating and working effectively with others.

 3.       Self-management Skills : This means how to be organized. You will find books and resources kept in an organized way in the library and the students are encouraged to manage and keep the things in an organized way in the library. They are encouraged to help the librarian to arrange the resources in proper manner. The library also teaches them about Time management, by lending them books for a period of time, and they are asked to return it on a particular date, so that the others can also use it. As an Extended Essay Coordinator, the Librarian guides the students about how to use Gantt chart or any other time management schedule and thus submit the research on time. The EE coordinator does teach the students about how to meet deadlines.

 4.       Research Skills: Library is the hub of learning. The entire learner community makes use of library for doing research work. Being the center of knowledge, the library does develop research skills in the learner, by giving them proper environment, opportunity and resources. Library does provide media literacy and information literacy. The librarian teaches the learner about the authenticity of media and the resources and teaches them how to use it.

 5.       Thinking Skills : Library provides a quiet place or  your separate corner, where you can sit and meditate or just think. Everyone needs some place to sit quietly and go into deep thoughts and relax. Library does help to develop critical and creative thinking skills by providing ample space and resources. And once these skills are developed, the learner can utilize (transfer) these skills and become a lifelong learner.

The Library does help is developing all the ATL skills. The library staff should keep working on improving the services and take regular feedback from the users, followed by immediate action if there is any loophole. 

By : Yatin Dengri (Head Librarian IBDP and Extended Essay Coordinator)

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