The New Unlock World: Trend and Lessons to Learn

The world is entering into the phase of unlock to normalise life even though the coronavirus continues to surge. Countries have started reopening schools, colleges, offices, malls which were shut down  for  months on after the coronavirus outbreak. People are now following the ‘new normal’ and can be seen wearing masks and maintain social distancing. The public places are now reopening with strict COVID-19 guidelines to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

Coronavirus may have locked us in our homes but it has also made us realise that we took many things for granted. We granted the ability to meet our friends without worrying about catching a dangerous virus or spreading it to the most vulnerable. We didn’t think about the consequences of going to school or offices without any safety measures. Personally, I’ve always considered myself an introvert. I don’t usually crave human contact. But the truth is, I miss hanging out with my friends. I miss seeing people. After months of isolation, I’m feeling it more than ever. It has also made us realise that teachers are saints. They are working harder than ever before. Making PPTs, preparing practice worksheets, conducting quizzes and organising interactive sessions that help the students to understand the topics at ease.

The new normal isn’t a scaring thing though, it’s just a novel way of leading life and getting things back to normal. We need to follow protective practices while going to offices, schools, colleges or a public place; like maintaining physical distancing, wearing masks and using sanitizers. Mental and emotional well-being are the  keys  to good health. The situation is indeed most painful for the poor, particularly daily wagers, and for many stranded guest workers having had to struggle to get home or those families facing the wrath of the virus itself. The rising number of depression cases and suicides are really alarming.

However on the positive side, India is expected to make a U-shaped economic recovery post covid. The new trend of ‘work from home’ or ‘school from home’ is saving the transportation time, fuel, decreasing pollution level and much more. The world is now looking towards India to set up new industries and start new businesses because many countries across the globe have strained relationship with China as a result of this pandemic. This will help India make a quick economic recovery. ‘The universe is always changing; everything happens for a reason’.  It can even shatter your old beliefs, literally changing you into a better version of yourself.


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