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Top IB school in Ghaziabad

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED May 17, 2022, UPDATED March 14, 2023

It is a known fact that you have been looking for the best school that your kid needs. You want to create a solid foundation for your little ones so that they get the chance to grow and shape up their career well. Nowadays, it is important to look for educational institutes that prepare your kids for the world. That means these schools will help your kids to get international knowledge so that they can opt for higher studies in foreign lands without facing any issues at all.

DPSG is located in multiple areas and is known to have the best IB schools to venture into. If you have been looking for the top IB schools in Ghaziabad, then DPSG is always the first name that comes to your mind and for good reasons. There are some schools that deserve special mention if you don’t want to compromise the quality of education for your kids. So, check out the names listed below!

DPSG Meerut Road:

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad was primarily founded by Mr Om Pathak. He was the former District Magistrate of Ghaziabad in 1980 and got his support from Sh. Dharamvira and Lt. Colonel Dr GPS Waraich, who was the former principal of DPS of the Mathura Road.

The school first started its operation within a hired building, which was located in Raj Nagar, on September 5th 1980. The new building’s foundation stone was laid by Sh. Dharamvira on April 19th, 1981and soon after that, the school shifted its base to this new location.

Right from the time of its inception, DPSG Meerut Road never looked back. For the past 40+ years, this school has made steady progress and nothing else. Later, it got affiliated with CBSE in 1985, and then there were 31 batches of Class XII that had passed already through the school’s portals.

  • Enjoy integrated learning over here:

It is one of the major reasons why more and more students are getting involved with DPSG Meerut Road. This centre is known for presenting student-centric integrated based learning modules, which helped in getting selections in AIIMS, IIT Advance, AIEEE, NEET, NDA, NIFT and some of the other prestigious international universities.

  • With so many opportunities:

With DPSG Meerut Road by your side, the little kids will gain multiple opportunities to help in the proper development of courage, self-belief and determination. It becomes a lot easier for the kids to pursue their dreams and dream big at the same time.

  • Other co-curricular activities involved:

Apart from education, this school is known to take an active part in co-curricular activities as well. Right from dancing to musical classes, theatre groups or even plays, students get the chance to take an active part in every scenario. So, that makes it easier for the students to know what they want and in which area they want to excel in the near future.

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DPSG Vasundhara:

Noted mostly to be a learning school, Delhi Public School Vasundhara started its journey on May 3rd, 1999at Sector 15, SBC Plaza. Later, it shifted to its current location in Sector 9, Vasundhara, on March 29th, 2000.

DPSG Vasundhara is known for having a comprehensive vision. The main goal of this institution is to create a happy school, where there is going to be a perfect blend of tradition, values, technology and that continuous quest for excellence.

The primary work of this educational institute is to impart quality education for presenting the holistic development of the child. So, this institution will prepare kids for the real world from a tender age. Right from emotional development to mental stability and also imparting knowledge, this institution has it all under control. In the end, students will learn more about life and can prepare themselves accordingly.

  • Academy:

There is coaching available both in the morning and evening times with experts in the field of lawn tennis, skating, basketball, football, cricket, yoga and taekwondo. So, if your child loves any one of these activities, you can enrol him or her for the sessions.

  • Performing arts:

Through the performing art session of DPSG Vasundhara, students will learn the best skill development and enjoy opportunities to express themselves through the values of theatre, dance, music and art.

  • Life skills:

This school will create inspiration and empower students to excel smoothly in life later on. DPSG Vasundhara has always believed in empowering the little ones to help in the proper development of their latent potential and soft skills as well.

DPSG International:

Another top-notch IB school in Ghaziabad that can change the future of your kids for the betterment will be DPSG International. Want to know more about the institution? Check out the marks of Toppers of Class XI and XII, and you will know why more parents are relying on DPSG International for their kids’ better future.

  • IB help:

This school is known for International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. It comes in handy with the child-centric curriculum and is also noted for its inquiry-based innovative and learning pedagogy.

  • Opportunities along the way:

Students, who will be enrolled under DPSG International, will get the golden chance to express their selves through the values of music, art and dance. There are multiple theatre classes and Rhythmic gymnastics sessions as well. So, students can build their careers on various other platforms and don’t have to rely on studies always.

  • Smart classrooms:

DPSG International is known to have interactive smart board enabled classrooms. So, the future is here, and DPSG International has made it a point to use modern technology to its advantage. Smart classrooms are further enabled by Global Standards of teaching. So, if students want to aim for higher studies in a separate country, they will surely get the opportunity to do so.

Enrol your kids now!

So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning to enrol your kids in the best IB schools in Ghaziabad, then the options mentioned above will surely be a good call to address now.

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