Why do we hide????




This is the scariest phrase for any millennial. In fact missing out on something bothers so much that one easily loses focus on the rest of the priorities. Deep down in history, people have always been affected by social acceptance. But with the advent of social media, FOMO has become an even bigger issue, especially for young people who seem to always be online, checking status updates and posts by their friends. For any teenager to define his or her life based on what they see online seems most appropriate now a days. People who live their lives through a virtual filter, are more prone to experience FOMO.

So a piece of advice for all those who want to Get Over the FOMO

  1. SLOW DOWN ….

As Richard Foster has rightly quoted, “In contemporary society our adversary majors in three things: noise, hurry, and crowds.” Though a lot has changed over the years, yet the modern generation continues a hurried life. Forbes recently reported that millennials are quick to identify as “work martyrs” a term that suggests the willingness to sacrifice self for…what exactly? To survive and hopefully thrive the millennials are often unaware of how time passes while fearing whatever they have may not be enough.

It’s time to rethink, choose the priorities wisely, discipline and monitor the use of technology and embrace the fact that the work is never fully done, and that is ok.


Seeing your friends, or even complete strangers, having fun without you, has the effect of making you feel left out, regretful for not attending, and just plain bad. Just because it seems like people are having more fun than you online, it doesn’t mean that it’s actually true. It truly isn’t worth thinking upon. Nothing is as fun in real life as it looks like on social media. Prioritize over important relations. Be where your feet are – focus on the present moment. This is a challenge for a generation where mobile phones (and therefore  instant messaging) has always been part of their lives. People often give an overly positive and unrealistic representation of their lives online.


Life is short and time is precious. If we only focus on the end product and not the process that got us there, we  may miss opportunities to learn, improve and enjoy yourself. Enjoy the journey ,embrace the process, as well as the outcome. Outcomes can sometimes be anti-climatic. However, working hard and dedicating yourself to your goals rarely is. So it is important to channelize your energies, follow a healthy strategy and achieve your goals.


Everything in this world has a purpose. No  two individuals are alike: physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Even if there are common needs and characteristics  of a particular age or stage of development share, they must be understood and their individuality must be respected. It’s time to design an environment that positively influences  all areas of development. Practice to be  full participating citizens of society and help to build a sense of community.


Any experience which is traumatic or causes threat to our life or others is worth taking risk. It is important for parents  to understand the ways in which a teenager manages distress and trauma so they can support and help the young person. Many millennials look up to their peer group for support. The transition from child to an adult can be rocky. Millennials tend to seesaw between independence and insecurity after a distressing event. At the root of the issue of FOMO is a lack of being present. It is impossible for anyone to be missing out if they are fully present in the reality they are currently a part of at the moment at hand.

Written by : Pooja Jindal (PRT-DPSG)

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