Why IB Curriculum is Gaining Popularity

With the pressing need for international exposure and competence in every student’s life, schools must be well-equipped with a curriculum that is well-synced with international standards. The growing popularity of the IB board is attributing to its acceptance by teachers and educators of today’s time. Students need to learn in a fast-growing world where knowledge and technologies are rapidly obsolescing. IB syllabus is like a breath of fresh air in between the age-old Indian education system, which is highly student-centric.

The IB curriculum is based on interactive, mutually beneficial teaching-learning processes. IB programs address not only children’s intellectual development but also their social, emotional, and physical progress. The various benefits of IB curriculum, which are making it popular among the masses are:

  • Develops Global Citizens: It aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring people who help to create a better and powerful world through intercultural understanding and respect. The IB curriculum prepares future leaders catering to the areas of their personal, local and global relevance and significance.
  • Wide Array Of Subject Choices: The curriculum offers a wide array of subject choices that differ as per personal choices and likings. A student guidance counsellor helps the child select appropriate subjects as per their future goals.
  • Develops Various Skills: An international curriculum is accepted globally and thus, opens various global opportunities for students. They provide a steady platform for developing practical skills, values to connect with people across the boundaries, leadership skills, encouraging innovation from an early age, etc., for all students.
  • The Structure of IB: The approach is comprehensive and makes students capable for the global world. The approach in IB schools is leaned towards providing practical experience of knowledge. This is done by involving the students in more hands-on activities, outdoor activities, interaction with experts, exploratory activities, etc. Students studying at an Indian Curriculum school are as proficient as the ones studying in schools on international grounds.
  • Provides Holistic Development: Right education is all about providing holistic development to students for their better future and career prospects. The international curriculum allows the students to enhance their overall personality and hone their skills.

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