Why is DPSG Meerut Road Is The Best School in Ghaziabad?

As a parent, one of the major concerns that we have is to admit our children in the best school so that they get the right education in the most appropriate environment. While there are ample schools that offer good education, not all schools can boast of a great environment. And only a few schools can show off their ISO 9001: 2008 certification!

A good school can provide a solid foundation for your children. Just like the parents are the first and the best teachers for any child, the school comes a close second. When you choose a good school for your children, you can be certain that they will grow up to be true human beings and will make you proud someday.

But for that to happen, as a parent, you need to do your bit of research while choosing a good school for your children. While there is no dearth of schools in Ghaziabad, there are certain advantages of admitting your children to DPSG MR (The Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, Meerut Road).

About Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, Meerut Road (DPSG MR)

The Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, Meerut Road is also known as DPSG MR. We are one of the top-ranking schools in Ghaziabad, a secondary school that has two affiliations. One with the CBSC (Central Board of Secondary Education) and the other one with the IB (International Baccalaureate).

The school has produced thousands of proud alumni over the last 40 years. The students of our school are now placed all over the world with lucrative careers. Since its affiliation in 1985 to the CBSE board, 31 batches have made the school proud in society.

Located on the Delhi-Meerut highway on a sprawling 15 acres of lush green locale, the ambiance of the school is ideal for pursuing intellectual and holistic pursuits. In Delhi- NCR, DPSG MR is the first school to receive the ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

What is so different about DPSG MR?

Our school boasts of state of the art facilities and infrastructure that can aid in the all-around growth of the students. We have playgrounds and basketball courts that are of international standards. There is a fully air-conditioned auditorium that can host all kinds of literary functions. Along with the auditorium, there is also a stadium and amphitheater dedicated to the students of our school.

The Four wings of DPSG MR

The school, to run its operations smoothly and effectively, have four separate wings. All four wings are under the supervision of individual headmistresses. The distribution and segmentation of the authority are such that it helps the school in running smoothly throughout the year.

The four wings of the school are Starz, Junior wing, Secondary wing, and the senior secondary wing.

The learned Faculty of DPSG Meerut Road

Unless the school faculty plays a pivotal role in student’s education lives, new leaders will not be made. Keeping this in mind, DPSG Meerut road boasts of lifelong learners as their esteemed school faculty. They are prompt in their research and other creative and all-around activities. Our teachers continuously help the students in reaching new milestones in their academic performances every day.

The curriculum


The DPSG group of schools is one of the first international schools in Ghaziabad. As parents, we always want our children to do well and go abroad for higher studies or to pursue a career. If you too, nurture the same dream, the IBDP curriculum is perfect for your children. The school offers PYP and IBDP curriculums that are authorized by the International Baccalaureate of Geneva, Switzerland.

With IBDP, children in the higher classes of XI and XII can prepare for international educations from the best higher educational institutes. The rigorous curriculum is also an innovative one that merges the academic orientation of the high school children along with a range of rich extracurricular activities that shape them into socially proactive and truly global citizens.


The PYP curriculum is the Primary Years Program which is an excellent futuristic approach toward international education for the students of classes 1 to 5. With this IB-PYP program, the school offers an inquiry-based curriculum that also has a lot of play-based syllabuses. The courses are excellent for engaging and stimulating young children in learning about their environment. The courses are designed such that they foster the developmental needs of the children in all aspects, academic, personal, and social.

The IB-PYP program enables self-esteem and encourages curiosity amongst children. They learn to develop problem-solving skills and attitudes with sustained interactive play.

DPSG MR is constantly striving towards more excellence with every passing day. It is set to create a learning approach for its students that incorporates analytical thinking, research abilities, inquiry, and an ethical approach to the student personalities. These approaches by our school are instilled in the children since their childhood so that they grow up to be fine global citizens and make India a proud country.

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