Community Connect Programme


Five students of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, accompanied by Ms. Pankhuri Agarwal participated in the RYLA camp (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) from January 17 to 19 January, 2020 at OP Jindal Global University, Sonepat.

About 1000 members of Rotaract and Interact clubs from Delhi NCR attended the camp. District Rotary Governor, Mr. Deepak Gupta inaugurated the event. Ms. Anshu Rajput and Ms. Ritu Saini, the acid attack survivors were the  Chief Guest. They  talked about the opportunities being provided to the youth  by Rotary Club  to recognize their potential and emerge as leaders.

The camp was a fine blend of cultural activities, sports and fun games. Many competitions like tug of war, peg war, badminton, dance, music, stand- up comedy and zumba were organized. The Dhol night and Tablagram were the main attractions of the camp.

Apart from fun and entertainment, special sessions on youth leadership, team building exercises, session on CPR and healthy living were organized. DPSGites participated in all the sessions and activities enthusiastically. Tejal Tyagi of class XI B, won the first prize in Peg War.

The following students participated in the event- Tejal Tyagi, XI B, Sneha Gupta, XI H1, Sanya Tyagi, XI H2, Sameeksha Arora X A and Samriddhi Gupta, X A.

Menstruation is still a taboo in India, and it is common for people across society to feel uncomfortable about the subject. Under the scheme of Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin), Ek Diwasiya Karyashaala (One Day Workshop) was organized on Menstrual Hygiene Management in Kalchhina, Modinagar to ensure that adolescent girls and women have the necessary support and facilities.

Students of DPSG came forward to raise awareness through ‘Street Play’. Through their play they sensitized the people present about the importance of health and hygiene during menstrual cycle. They expressed the necessity of menstruation and the problems caused by negligence. The students also explained, that, to maintain health during this time, girls and women should consume a healthy and nutritious diet consisting of green vegetables and fruits. They should take care of themselves and not exert themselves physically. Lastly, they emphasized that Menstruation is a ‘condition, not a disease’. 


There is no exercise better for heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Not every individual in our society is equally privileged. Keeping this in mind, the students of the interact club of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad hosted a special assembly ‘ME to WE’. This assembly was a part of the 2019 WORLD INTERACT WEEK celebrations. DPSG joined hands with the Rotary Club of Ghaziabad to sensitize the students to enthusiastically participate in community outreach. The young Interactors, with utmost exuberance shared the joy of helping the underprivileged. The students of DPSG also participated wholeheartedly in celebrating ‘Thankful Thursday’. Students wrote gratitude notes to Rotary Club Ghaziabad for their unconditional support towards the upliftment of the unfortunate.  



“We Interactors are the youth, we Interactors are the future and WE WILL change the world.”

The District Interact Leadership Assembly was held at G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management , Greater Noida on October 16, 2019.

Eminent guests present on the occasion were Mr Alok Gupta, District Governor, DG Rotarian Mr Deepak Gupta. The guests addressed the gathering and encouraged the students to  participate in more activities which benefit the propitious sections of the society.

The ceremony was held for the Installation of the new District Interact Team. The event started with the melodious rendition sung by Interactor Tejal Tyagi of DPSG.

15 ZIR (Zonal Interact Representatives) from across the District  and Delhi NCR were selected after a round of interview. Sanya Tyagi, DPSG, was selected as the ZIR and was given a badge. Sneha Gupta was selected as the Sergeant at Arms.

In the end, DG Rotarian Deepak Gupta  held an interactive session with the Interactors wherein implementation of the following projects were discussed.


1.                  Each one, Teach two

2.                  Know your Numbers (BP, sugar levels, Body Mass)

3.                  Prevention from Non-Communicable Diseases

4.                  Counselling for acid attack survivors

5.                  Rehabilitation for Cancer Patients

6.                  Happy Clinics for the people who are suffering mental problems.

 The event saw cultural performances by the students from various schools.


Bal sahyog 


Girls from class IX alongwith their teacher incharges visited Kadrabad village. This visit was a part of ongoing sanitation drive wherein the aim was to sensitize the females of the village about hygiene and sanitation, and use of sanitary napkins for their monthly menstrual cycle. They were told about the basics of menstrual cycle. And how using a cloth can lead to severe diseases and infections. The young DPSGiites also sensitized them about the importance of a healthy diet.
The students actively interacted with all the people present there. They  discussed the common problems faced and answered the queries of people at Kadrabad. They also distributed sanitary napkins  to the women.
 In future projects, they look forward to sensitizing more and more girls about the utmost importance of using clean and safe products and maintaining sanitation and making more women comfortable to this topic.

Report on  Swachhata Pakhwada

Recognizing the vital role of the school in spreading awareness about SWACHHATA MISSION , DPSG observed ‘ SWACHHATA PAKHWADA- Cleanliness Drive for Swachh Bharat’ from 1st to 15th  September, 2019. Multifarious activities were organized -  like Plantation drive, Poster making , Slogan writing, Letter writing and conducting a Special Assembly  on Hand wash day to create awareness among the students regarding health and hygiene.


Students from classes VII to X enthusiastically took part in the Plantation Drive wherein they planted plants of various kinds within and outside the school premises.


Students of class X visited the underprivileged children of Poorv Madhayamik Vidhyalaya, Morta, on 4th September, 2019 where they made them aware about Swachch Bharat Abhiyan launched by our respectable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. They were taught about the importance of  personal hygiene as well as the significance of keeping their surroundings clean.


 Students participated in Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competitions with great vigour and energy from 7th to 9th September, 2019 and created innovative posters and slogans to promote ‘Hand Wash Day’.

 On the fresh morning of 13th September, 2019, students of class IX organized a Swachhata Assembly to spread awareness about cleanliness and personal hygiene. Students expressed their views on 'Swwachta - a stage towards tidiness' ,beautiful poems were recited and melodious songs were sung in order to spread this message. 

 Independence Day Celebration at Morta

Community service enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it the most.

Keeping in sync with this thought, students of Interact Club visited Poorv Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Morta. On reaching there, DPSGiites introduced themselves and interacted with the students at Morta. Students spent their day by teaching and enjoying the students at Morta.  They also celebrated Independence Day with them. They told them about the importance of this day, narrated some of the famous incidents of the freedom struggle and how valiantly these heroes of our nation fought against the British rule for a free and united India. The students truly delved into the feeling of patriotism. They organized a poster and slogan writing competition and distributed gifts. The students of Morta participated in these activities with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.



On the occasion of Kishore Diwas, DPSG organised a Sanitation Drive in Anganwadi School of Bisokhar, Modinagar on August 8, 2019. This visit focused on encouraging the use of sanitary napkins during Menstrual Cycles and maintaining proper hygiene. The students discussed the importance of using  sanitary napkins during menstrual cycles and also demonstrated its proper usage and disposal. They talked to them about the cleanliness necessary during this period and home remedies which can be used for the problems faced. They also made them aware of the importance of doctor visits when required. The DPSGiites actively interacted with all the girls and women present there. They also distributed sanitary napkins to the women.

In future projects, they look forward to sensitize more and more girls about the utmost importance of using clean and safe products and maintaining sanitation.


If girls and women are to live healthy and productive lives, with dignity, menstrual hygiene is a priority. In many areas, there is complete neglect of menstrual hygiene due to low awareness levels and lack of access to sanitary products. 

Keeping in sync with this, girls from Secondary Wing alongwith their teacher incharges visited Tyodi village, Muradnagar on July 19, 2019. This visit was a part of ongoing Sanitation drive wherein the aim was to sensitize the females of the village about hygiene and sanitation, and use of sanitary napkins for their monthly menstrual cycle. They were told about the basics of menstrual cycle. And how using a cloth can lead to severe diseases and infections. Many of them were so poor that they couldn’t afford to buy the expensive sanitary napkins. So they were enlightened about various programmes initiated by the government about the free distribution of sanitary napkins . In the end, sanitary napkins were distributed to everyone . It was indeed educative experience for both the village folks as well as the girls of DPSG.


“Never worry about numbers, help one person at a time always start with the person nearest you.”

 Delhi Public Ghaziabad has always been working for under privileged sector of the society, for their betterment. School is also associated with the Rotary Club, a non-profit organisation and has taken initiative to make improvements in the remote areas. The school encourages students to take an active role to help provide a better future for these children. The school believes that it not only helps the needy, but also enhances the personal knowledge, grow from new experiences and develop interpersonal communication skills that builds character of the DPSGiites. Keeping in sync with this, the school has an Interact Club which is led by the students of class 10.

The esteemed guests present on the occasion were Mr Kshitij Gupta, President Rotary Club; Mr Pawan Rastogi, President Elect; Mr Pankaj Gupta, Mr Ashok Saha, Mr M. M. Aggarwal; Mr Salil Bansal, Treasurer; Mr Sachin Vats, Interact Chair

The assembly started with the Lightning of the Lamp. The  melodious song and classical dance   left the audience enthralled. The team of 2018-19 proudly shared their experiences with the new torchbearers and showcased all their efforts for the upliftment of the society. The guests honoured the volunteers of the Interact Club with badges, and the guests congratulated upcoming 2019-20 team, they shared the upcoming plans and encouraged the students to work hard for a better society. The school teachers along with the esteemed guests sensitized the students of class 10 attending the Installation Ceremony about the work of the Interact and Rotary Club and importance of Community Service. They were urged to understand the need of the hour, selflessly devote themselves towards a shining future. The Assembly aimed at teaching the students that helping costs nothing, but it changes everything.



Visit to BHOJPUR VILLAGE  was organised on May 8, 2019. The main objective of organizing this visit was to spread awareness about usage of sanitary napkins. Students of class 10 participated with full responsibility. Middle aged ladies and young girls were told about the importance of using napkins. They were also briefed about the steps to use and dispose them. Students discussed about health issues faced by females due to use of cloth. DPSG donated two sanitary napkin wending machines and got it installed in their Anganwadi centre. The school  also distributed sanitary napkins to all the girls and ladies of the Bhojpur Block.



DPSG in collaboration with District Administration Ghaziabad organized a visit to Primary School in Gadana on February 25, 2019 to celebrate the ‘Laadli Diwas.’ A team of students along with their teacher incharges visited the school. This visit mainly aimed at creating awareness and sensitizing the girls about Health and Hygiene during the Menstrual Cycles.

Team DPSG interacted with the girls there to help them understand the importance of cleanliness and sanitation during the menstrual cycle. The girls were reluctant to discuss their problems, so, the idea of a ‘Suggestion Box’ was proposed. Girls wrote down their problems and put them in the suggestion box which will be discussed during the next visit.

Girls in Gadana were unaware about the proper usage of sanitary pads and many did not use them at all.  DPSGiites  distributed sanitary pads to these girls and encouraged them to start using them. Proper disposal methods and necessary precautions were also discussed.