Clubs And Society

Clubs And Societies


The chess club introduces students with the recreational and competitive game of chess played between the two players. The simple objective of the game is to check mate the opponent’s king which is achieved by playing on a square chequered chessboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. The children are taught about the different moves, strategy and tactics.

Consumer Awareness Club

Creating awareness about consumers' rights is the most effective way to reduce cases of people getting cheated, and to make people aware at an early age is the best possible way to go about it. The club aims at preparing better consumers in future by sensitizing them towards the various consumer issues prevailing in the society.

The club has been inspiring the students not only through speeches and discussions but has provided them a platform to showcase their own views and ideas on consumer issues. Each year the club organizes various fun activities like poster making, power point presentation, slogan writing, quizzes and various other competitions to generate consumer awareness.

Eco Club

The main aim of Eco-Club is to sensitize students towards eco– awareness, maintenance of greenery around the school by various plantation drive programmes, making best out of waste etc. Eco Club is actively involved in promoting environment related issues and is sensitive towards bionetwork. The students of Eco Club made ‘Bird Feeder’ and hung it at different places in the school campus. They also painted T-shirts with a message loud and clear – ‘The earth was made for all of us, not some of us’.

Heritage Club

Heritage refers to practices or characteristics that are passed down through the years, from one generation to the next. Heritage Education is not merely recreation for students but is an important part of their learning process. It helps students understand history and society which further inculcates values of respect for diversity and tolerance.

Students are engaged in activities that explore personal and local histories as well as World Heritage properties to achieve their aims. This is done by planning history walks, visit to museums and galleries, build our family trees, village histories, etc.

Home Science

Home science, or the science of home, includes all the things that concern the person, home, family members and resources. It is the education for ‘better living’ and also the core of education including the family ecosystem which deals with reciprocal relations between the family and its natural man power environments.

It gives the person all the knowledge of the scientific procedures involved in making a home beautiful.


The Maths Club provides the students with tricks to simplify and enjoy solving Maths. An array of activities are conducted to help the students discover their latent interests in the subject.

These activities help in fostering love for Maths and also help in re – kindling the love for the subject as a whole, in the hearts of students.

Regal Rostrum

The Literary Club, Regal Rostrum of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad was established with the aim of honing speaking, reading and writing skills of students. Various literary activities like debates, discussions, declamations, dramatization, character enactments, talk shows are held throughout the academic year which help to improve the skill of self-expression in pupils. They develop confidence in spoken skills and are able to organize their ideas in an effective manner.

The Club also aims at fostering the habit of reading among the students. Students from Classes VII to X are the members of the club. They participate in many activities which encourage them to read the most popular books thereby getting an opportunity to utilize their time effectively, thus, raising their level of knowledge.

Participation in all these activities help the students to enrich their vocabulary as well as improve their pronunciation and voice modulation. They are also encouraged to write book reviews, poems, advertisements, script plays, radio shows, ad-jingles, reports, articles for school magazine etc. Students are made to understand the purpose of different genres so that they can select the genre best suited to their writing task.