“Learning music supports all learning. It is not that Mozart makes you smarter, but it provides you with very integrating and stimulating fun time or activity” – Guilmartin

Education at all levels is viewed today as an acquisition of skills rather than bookish knowledge. As such, the curriculum includes in it a variety of activities that impart skills that can form the basis for career later on. It is with this purpose to create a unique educational platform and environment that facilitates and encourages the spirit of enquiry, creativity and moral leadership that the school has interspersed music into the curriculum with the aim of engaging all the learners. Regular music classes are held at DPSG thereby developing creativity and stimulating imagination among the learners. Music education touches all areas of learning. These include the psychomotor area which focuses on the development of the skills in music, the cognitive aspect which focuses on the acquisition of knowledge about the subject and the affective aspect which includes the appreciation and sensitivity to music.

Students have music classes throughout the year. Every class has a period allocated in the time table. DPSGiites are also taught about how to perform in different types of music ensemble. These include orchestra, choir, school band, marching band. Students participate in an array of activities and programmes which not only hones their talent but also makes them emerge as confident individuals. Children’s participation in activities/competitions organized and conducted throughout the year form the basis of their assessment.

Students Participating in Inter House Solo Song Competition

Aditya Sagar Shweta Aryan Charit Garg

Bhangra Performance during Independence Day Celebration

Indian Classical Dance Postures

The School Choir Group performing During Annual Function

Young Rock stars showing their talent