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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” We at DPSG realize that it is imperative to encourage pupils to imagine and dream big so that they develop valuable life skills and become more independent, resilient and confident individuals. And this realization comes with a sense of responsibility – Our responsibility to create and nurture champions of tomorrow!

A new academic year is a fresh opportunity to revisit, reconnect, and reinstate the school’s mission and vision. The new year brings with it innumerable unexplored possibilities and the potential to excel yet again. DPSG is a dynamic and vibrant organization where success and achievement is its second nature! However, we believe that sitting on our laurels and adopting a complacent attitude will cause more harm than good. We are in constant pursuit to augment and polish the academic and characteristic traits of our students and leave no stone unturned to chisel the inherent talent inside them.

Cradled in a cognitively rich atmosphere, swaying from serious thinking to playful inventiveness, the young minds at DPSG are constantly brimming with a zeal for life while empowering themselves with skills and creativity. In order to enhance children’s aesthetic sensibility and experience which are the prime sites of the growing child's creativity, emphasis is laid on learning rather than teaching. The whole teaching learning process is joyful, interactive and experiential rather than instructive as so long as ideas are expressed and thoughts kindled, we can be sure of learning.

As an educationist you know you are on the right path when your children excel in all domains of pedagogy. Our children reach out to the community like never before – they act like responsible members of the society and take up causes of social relevance. We endeavor to provide a valued learning experience and quality education to our students. The unprecedented board results are a testimony to this fact with our students bringing laurels to their alma mater by becoming country toppers. It is with pride that we hold these high standards and nurture our students to maintain the extraordinary record of achievement and contribution that has been the legacy of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad students.

We believe that the vision of Sustainable Development Goals is not something to be achieved in a distant place or a goal for some time in the future. It points to a way of life dedicated to the daily effort of building a society in which the joy of living is shared by all. Our students are encouraged to imbibe a strong sense of self-esteem and develop a healthy and respectful tolerance for others which develops them into progressive, thinking individuals who contribute to the intellectual development of the global community in their later lives. Our students develop responsibility for their own behavior and the choices they make, and also a communal responsibility to assist their peers to do the same.

To all parents, I hold out the assurance that their wards are in safe and competent hands. I would like to recommit myself to the betterment and growth of the student community. I encourage you to participate in the education of your child by keenly monitoring his/her academic growth, at the same time spending quality time with him/her. This will have a positive effect on the healthy growth of your child.

As we continue our ascent towards success by asking more of ourselves today, tomorrow and forever, we appreciate your comments and feedbacks. We shall be more than glad to better our outputs with your kind co-operation and help.

Let’s move together towards a brighter tomorrow!!

Mr R K Sharma