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Art And Craft

Art And Craft

DPSG Meerut Road presents a wide spectrum of opportunities within the foundational arts, encompassing Digital Art, Painting and Sculpture.

Digital Art:

Digital art, a contemporary form of artistic expression, has revolutionized the way we create, appreciate, and interact with art. It harnesses technology to merge traditional art techniques with the limitless possibilities of the digital realm. Students employ digital tools, such as graphic tablets and software applications, to craft visuals, animations, and interactive pieces.


Painting ignites creativity and cultivates critical thinking among students, empowering them with innovative problem-solving abilities. As they meticulously craft their art, their fine motor skills are refined, fostering patience and meticulous attention to detail. Beyond these technical skills, painting serves as a therapeutic outlet, aiding emotional expression and stress management.


Sculpture is a captivating art form for primary school students, offering a hands-on approach to creativity and artistic expression. Through playful activities with materials like clay and playdough, students can shape their own sculptures, fostering fine motor skills and encouraging imaginative thinking.