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Clubs And Society

Clubs And Societies

We, at Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society, lay emphasis upon the holistic development of learners by fostering a synergic blend between scholastic and co-scholastic activities, which find a rightful place in the curriculum. The school curriculum emphasizes on acquisition of knowledge, understanding, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities for all students. We believe that every learner is unique, and it is our responsibility as educators to nurture and prepare him or her for life.
Clubs and Societies at DPSGS are tailored to meet every learner’s need for creative self-expression and development of problem-solving abilities. Clubs & Societies are envisaged as a part of foundational domain and are established to co-relate academic skills with the outside world. While societies and clubs are designed to imbue Knowledge, Skills, Competencies, Attitudes, Dispositions and Values, they shall through the model of governance, envisaged and designed herein also imbue learners with Managerial and Governance skills early and in real life situations help learners prepare for ‘Life Beyond School.’ Every student from classes 6 onwards and every teacher shall be member of one such club or society that shall proactively engage with activities that help foster the learner profile that schools have created for learners in a continuum mode.
The broader vision of clubs and societies is to provide enriched learning experiences to our learners and inculcate skills in them which will prepare them to face this dynamic and uncertain world that lies ahead. As the world is changing at a fast pace, what will soon define success of our learners in their careers is not the things they know already, but their ability to learn the new and adapt themselves to changes in the post COVID world.


The Club In-charge and Club Tutors under the guidance of the Activity Coordinator will frame the objectives of their respective clubs. Clubs & Societies are so vital because they are the ultimate in experiential learning for the learners.
The objective should ensure giving them the leadership and power to make their own decisions and watch how those decisions effect their life and the lives of others! After we had established the importance of life skills and clubs, we moved to discussing HOW we achieve the results that we want and what elements are essential to creating effective clubs.

Given below is a list of Clubs and Societies offered to students at Delhi Public School Ghaziabad :

Quizzards- Quiz Club

The Quiz club aims to expand general awareness and hone the skill of drawing rational inferences. It intends to empower the students with knowledge and create interest and curiosity to collect information related to different fields and aspects of life. In the educational context, a quiz also serves the purpose of a brief assessment to gauge the skills, abilities, and knowledge of learners. The Quiz club aims to identify students who have a flair for quizzing.

Mr Rabindra Mohapatra (TGT) Club Mentor

Club Activities:

  • Quiz competitions for Juniors VI to VIII
  • Quiz competitions for Seniors IX to XII (Covering Science, Politics, Defence, Conflicts, Inventions, Discoveries)

Technovation- ICT Club

The club aims to extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom, by nurturing students minds and steering their talent towards research in different areas of Information and Computer Technologies. The club also prepares learners to be safe, responsible and innovative digital citizens and helps engage learners in real-world problems by collaborating with others in the classroom and across the world.

The aim of the Consumer Awareness Club is to create awareness in the students about the consumer related issues and make them clever consumers and to create awareness about the consumer court.

Ms. Sheetal Sharma (TGT - ICT) Club Mentor

Club Activities:

  • Video making
  • Podcasts
  • Designing Web page using HTML
  • Photo Editing using GIMP
  • Digi Budget
  • Your Digital Footprint: Data & Energy Use-BLOG
  • Make story using Scratch

Math‘π’ rates – Maths Club

The purpose of Maths Club is to develop students’ interest in the subject and to extend learning beyond the limits of the classroom. This club helps the learners to develop abstract, logical and critical thinking and the ability to reflect critically upon their work and also provides a platform for discussing new methods of learning and teaching Mathematics.

Ms. Priyanka Lumba (TGT) Club Mentor

Club Activities

  • Participation in Math Olympiads and other competitions.
  • Conduct Mathematics quiz.
  • Study of various Math based puzzles, software and games.
  • Developing models and aids to facilitate a better grasp of Mathematical concepts.
  • Toothpick Puzzle
  • Mathematical calendar
  • Recipe with fractions
  • Mathematical Game on integers
  • Paper protractor
  • Objects made by using different 3D shapes
  • Introduction to Indian Mathematicians
  • Design a crossword puzzle using Mathematical terms/words

Rectitude- Integrity Club

Integrity Club is a place where students discuss topics and carry out a mix of theoretical and practical activities within their Club, school and community. The Club will help the learners to build character, nurture appropriate values and positive attributes among the learners. The Club will also enhance learners’ knowledge of ethics and integrity thus promote ethical behaviour in them. The Club will encourage the learners to be self-directed, focused and responsible citizens.

Ms. Kanika Khurana (TGT-Maths)

Club Activities

  • Vigilance Awareness Week Celebration
  • Activities/ Competitions to inculcate Debate, Slogan writing, Essay Writing and Poster Making on various moral and ethical issues
  • Narration of stories, poems and anecdotes containing moral values
  • Role plays to understand how to act with integrity when faced with a moral dilemma

Regal Rostrum/Vaad Vivad Sabha

Public speaking is an art that every learner must develop. Public speaking helps to develop confidence among learners and enables them to be better prepared to take on leadership positions in future life. This club aims to enhance learners’ oratory and elocution skills and train the learners to express themselves eloquently and confidently. The club also hones learners’ critical thinking and creative thinking.

Ms Samreen Fatima (TGT) Club Mentor

Ms Neerja Singh (TGT) Club Mentor

Club Activities

  • Public Speaking & Debates on relevant topics picked up from the current affairs
  • Participation in Inter-House and Inter-school debate competitions
  • Four Corners Game
  • Card Game
  • Quick Debates/ Hat Debates
  • Inner Circle/Outer Circle Debate Strategy
  • Role Play Debate
  • Debates on National and International Topics
  • Debates on School and Local Issues
  • Creative Debate

The Mun Society

Model United Nations or MUN, is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches participants speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. The society is meant to engage students and allow them to develop deeper understanding into current world issues through the procedures of United Nations.

Club Mentor

  • Students will be trained through mock sessions.
  • The students will be motivated through discussions and debates on different topics of general interest and current affairs.
  • This society will conduct intra and inter school competitions for classes IX to XII.
  • Foreign Policy Debates
  • Basic ROP and Conduct

Eat And Greet- Cookery

This club teaches the learners about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, how to plan and prepare balanced meals, read and understand food labels, learn about food hygiene and food safety skills, and above all, discover that cooking is fun! The learners are exposed to new vocabulary associated with cooking methods such as creaming, folding, slicing, stir-frying, kneading, etc.

Ms Satnaam Kapoor (PGT) Club Mentor

Club Activities

  • Importance of cooking in one’s life
  • Concept of Cooking
  • What is balanced diet?
  • Menu Planning
  • Why are vegetables and fruits important to us?
  • Make a “MYPLATE”. How to make MYPLATE yours?
  • Requirements of cookery club, making of chef cap and cookery kit
  • Making of healthy dishes- sprouts, protein salad, sandwiches etc.

Rang-Birang- Fine Arts

The Art Club is a place for the learners to hone their artistic skills, develop their techniques and portfolios and improve the imagination skills in learners. The club also provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding and responding to the world. It enables learners to communicate what they see, feel and think using color, texture, form, pattern and different materials and processes.
Mr Sanjay Sarkar (TGT) Club Mentor

Club activities

  • Importance of Art in life
  • Paper Craft (making some different kind of paper craft project in class)
  • Basic Drawing Activity (with colour)
  • Advanced Scribble Pictures
  • Colourful paper masks
  • Bottle Craft
  • Stone Painting
  • 3D Drawing
  • Coloured Clay Models
  • Still Life

Happy Feet- Dance

This club provides students with the opportunity to pursue dance as a hobby. Students not only feel relaxed and refreshed but it also helps them to improve their mental strength. The objective of dance club is to teach basics of different dance forms. It develops their confidence to perform in a large audience and engages the mind, the body, and emotions into a collaborative expression.

Ms Neetu Thakur (TGT) Club Mentor

Club Activities

  • Freeze Dance
  • Hip…. Hop
  • Cones
  • I Move I Create
  • Dancing with props

Rangmanch- Theatre

This club aims to build intellectual and aesthetic understanding of the craft and technique of theatre arts. It also helps the learners to develop an appreciation of and respect for the various roles/aspects inherent within the theatrical process. The learners explore the diversity of theatre and its intersection with community, culture and society.

Mr Dusyant Babbar (TGT) Club Mentor

Club Activities

  • Theatre Introduction
  • Usage of voice
  • Physical interpretation of the character
  • Role of ambience and space in drama
  • Relation with prop’s
  • Observation and exploration

Eureka- Science Club

This club is organized to encourage and enable students to develop inquiring minds and curiosity about science and nature. The club helps the students to acquire knowledge, conceptual understanding, and skills to solve problems and make informed decisions in scientific contexts.

Mr Prneet Dhingra (TGT) Club Mentor

Club Activities

  • Field trip
  • Nutritional Week
  • Habitat
  • Water Conservation
  • Dr. Homi Jahangir Bhabha: Entrepreneuring Science
  • Surprisingly STEM
  • Exploring Oceans Wizards of Quiz