Behavioural Counselling

We have a team of two well qualified inhouse behavioural counsellors who are active participants in the climate and culture of our school. They cater to students who are in need of additional emotional support or behavioural guidance and handhold transitional phases across different developmental stages in a child’s life. The Counselling Department provides the necessary support to help students through difficult periods in their lives. This department is also involved in organizing and conducting workshops and awareness programmes for students, parents and staff of the school. These workshops are organised from time to time and takes up various issues like learning difficulties, emotional disturbances, behavioural issues in adolescence, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, aggression etc, substance abuse, importance of free flow of communication in family and relationships.

School Counsellor facilitates inclusion of every child whose learning needs are different and work in association with school their parents by integrating the school curriculum along with a specially designed remedial programme that takes care of child’s strengths and weaknesses. Through an improved view of the causes and the effects of the learning and behavioural difficulties, psycho-education frequently broadens the child's and his family's view of his difficulties and this increased understanding positively affects the child

The counsellors provide on-going prevention and intervention services which include

  • Individual and group counselling sessions
  • Building life skills
  • Collaborating with parents regarding students’ holistic development or for any other specific concern.
  • Referring students to other services and outside agencies according to their needs.
  • Facilitating parenting skills programmes
  • Psycho education

Dr. Jitendra Nagpal Session on Self Harm

Mother Daughter programme for Class 8

Career Counselling

Career counselling is an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards the right career path. Students need to know the importance of career counselling and right guidance before they choose an academic stream after taking the class X board exams. Career counselling assists students in choosing appropriate career goal and gives direction to students for a better future ahead.

For the students of classes 9 to 12, career counselling sessions are organized in the school itself. Career counseling plays a vital role in stream selection for the students of classes 9-10.

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, Meerut Road has always believed in guiding its students and their parents in the most appropriate career selection. A systematic pattern is followed which includes Psychometric test to understand aptitude, interests and personality of a student and hence provide stream choices viz. commerce, science, humanities. This is followed by individual counselling. Personalized Roadmap is crafted for each student to finalize Key Milestones.

Career counselling helps in organizing and assessing the ideas and thoughts of a person, thereby, assisting the person to attain greater success in the chosen career path. Besides, the boost in confidence and morale brought forth when involved in career selection, career counselling also aids in ensuring that an individual can offer his/her 100% to the profession.

Besides Career fairs, various Career Talks on SAT, Study Abroad, changes in the admission to the coveted Delhi University are organized from time to time in order to spread awareness among students. We, at DPSG, believe that it is our responsibility to not just guide the young minds academically but also help them make informed career choices. We have always placed utmost importance to career counselling at our institution to ensure that our pupils have smooth transition to the next phase of their lives.

Session on SAT by Princeton Review

Mother Daughter Programme by Dr. Nidhi Sirohi for Class 7

ICDAW Centre at DPSG

ICDAW Centre is an initiative taken up by Delhi Public School Ghaziabad in technical collaboration with Expressions India – The National Life Skills, Value Education and School Wellness Program. The objective is to bridge the gap between special needs and existing resources so as to address all aspects of children’s mental health and wellbeing. The centre works not only for the special needs but with every child to promote and hone their individual vocational and professional skills.




To curb the existence of discriminatory attitude and develop communities which are welcoming every one irrespective of their individual needs


The centre is functioning as a comprehensive referral unit for

Observation, Identification, Diagnosis and Management of Child Developmental Issues,

Special Needs

Adolescent Mental Health Problems.


Services of the following professionals are provided at the centre:

  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Counsellors
  • Special Educators
  • Speech Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Paediatricians
  • Other related professionals


These experts facilitate inclusion for every child whose learning needs are different. They also work in association with school & parents by integrating the school curriculum along with a specially designed remedial programme that takes care of child’s strengths & weaknesses. This facilitates the learning experiences of the learners and their progress becomes evident through increased level of performance and positive self-image.

A team of well qualified and experienced in-house school counsellors and special educator work in close collaboration with each other to assess learners’ skills to determine their needs, and to develop individualised education plans. Dr. Sumedha Lamba (Ph.D in Psychology, Delhi University), the school counselor, is proficient in dealing with the behavioural, emotional and learning issues of children. She is adept in providing one to one as well as group counseling to the students and conducting life skills sessions and developing strategies for assisting students with learning difficulties, mental health and behavioural issues. Ms. Sujata, the special educator (B.A. Hons. and Diploma in Special Education from Institute of Rehabilitation). The special educator takes care of the children with special needs by providing remedial education and special education and honing their abilities. She develops and designs Individual Educational Plan according to student’s needs and collaborates with parents and school staff for their academic progress.

Psychomotor Development Activities

Cognitive Development Activities

The operating model of the ICDAW Centre

STEP 1. Identification of the child by the school

STEP 2. Informal observation and screening

STEP 3. Interaction with parents

STEP 4. Comprehensive psycho educational assessment

STEP 5. Development of Individualized Educational Plan

STEP 6. Integration of school syllabus in the Individualized Educational Plan

STEP 7. Interaction with primary educators regarding the transaction and implementation processes and techniques

STEP 8. An adequate follow-up to ensure consistent and uniform progress of the child

STEP 9. Periodic feedbacks from school and parents to stay motivated

STEP10. The child meets his goals

STEP 11. The school is empowered

STEP 12. Together we celebrate inclusion