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The faculty members at DPSG represent a dynamic community of lifelong learners, wholeheartedly committed to advancing their academic domains through unwavering research, creative endeavours, and a diverse array of co-curricular engagements.

Dedicated to adapting swiftly to the unique needs of each student and the ever-evolving educational landscape, our educators persistently explore and innovate to create effective and equitable approaches to imparting knowledge, assessing student academic performance, and providing timely, targeted guidance. The tangible evidence of their dedication is evident in the consistently outstanding board results achieved by students.

Professional Learning Communities

Teacher training at DPSG is not a static routine but a dynamic, ever-evolving process. The training sessions are meticulously curated, carefully designed to be intellectually stimulating and practically constructive. These sessions expose our educators to the cutting-edge tools and interactive techniques of teaching and assessment. Furthermore, the knowledge and skills acquired during these programs go far beyond teacher enrichment; they have a transformative impact on the learning experience of students.

Training Overview:

Undoubtedly, the most valuable resource and mentor a teacher can have is another teacher. Embracing this fact, the school conducts a unique teacher-led online professional development programme. It involves training for teachers, by teachers, and of teachers. This training is known as Professional Learning Development Programme or PLDP. This intensive capacity-building programme witnesses active participation from educators in various roles, such as resource persons, facilitators, moderators, and participants.

Exploration Through Exchange Programmes:

Exchange programmes represent a gateway for students to embark on an enriching journey into the heart of diverse cultures, traditions, customs, beliefs, societies, and languages. Through international exchanges, students not only gain insight into the lifestyles and cultures of their host countries but also form lasting bonds with host families and local friends. At DPSG, we have taken strides in establishing diverse student exchange programmes with a multitude of countries, including France, Germany, the UK, China, Spain, Japan, Singapore, and many more.