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House System

To infuse a spirit of camaraderie, cohesion and competitiveness, each child is initiated into the house system. DPSG Meerut Road has eleven houses, each named after a river.


The river Cauvery has long served as a wellspring of inspiration for numerous civilizations that have flourished along its banks. Students within Cauvery House enthusiastically engage in a wide array of activities, discharging their responsibilities with utmost dedication.


Motto – 'savidyayavimuktey'

The river Ganga, believed to be of divine origin, is renowned for purifying the soul and is considered the lifeblood of our nation. Mirroring the path of the river Ganga, which is not only a vital resource but also the nation's lifeline, the House is dedicated to the welfare of the entire school community, placing service above self. The House is a hub of talent, innovation, and originality. It espouses the philosophy of surging forward with strength and fervor, surmounting all obstacles and obstructions in its path.


GODAVARI HOUSE adopts the motto: ‘Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to achieving our goals’.

Students of Godavari House actively engage with the complexities of real-life challenges, fostering a sense of renewed enthusiasm. Their inspirational journeys have sparked a collective determination among their peers to adopt a similar mindset. Armed with the aptitude and skills required to tackle a variety of challenges and tests, they exemplify resilience and problem-solving capabilities.


The house's motto, "Striving towards excellence with humility in our hearts," encapsulates the dynamism, dedication, and persistence exhibited by its members. It is dedicated to instilling values like tolerance, integrity, friendship, and a sense of duty in its students. Jhelum House fosters well-rounded individuals who grow into accomplished achievers, poised to face the world with self-assurance.


This House embodies qualities such as enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, success, and encouragement. It takes the lead in initiating various projects and tasks, driven by our passion and zeal. Its slogan perfectly encapsulates its spirit: "ONE SPIRIT, ONE TEAM, ONE WIN."


The students associated with the Satluj house are known for their grounded, responsible, and benevolent nature. They possess a resolute determination to achieve their goals. These students personify peace and exemplify qualities of perseverance, goodwill, and steadfastness. Their most significant asset lies in their self-assuredness and eagerness to learn. The members of this house proudly declare themselves as “A team above all and above all, a team,” emphasizing the importance and strength of teamwork.


The students belonging to Yamuna House radiate positive energy and embody qualities such as self-motivation, leadership, steadfastness, and self-confidence. The house's motto, “Find a way, or make one,” serves as an inspirational call for its members to shape themselves into future leaders and to confront challenges with wisdom and resilience.


The motto “Individually we are one drop, TOGETHER we are an ocean” is the guiding principle for the house members, evident in their cohesive teamwork. They consistently participate as a united front in competitions, achieving resounding success. This collaborative spirit and their collective achievements define the essence of the house.


Students belonging to Indus House collaborate actively with their peers, executing their responsibilities with utmost dedication. The house is a hub of talent, innovation, and originality. It thrives on moving forward with vigor and determination, leaving obstacles behind, and surmounting any hindrances in its path to progress.


Students belonging to Brahmaputra House are characterized by their unwavering determination, confidence, and strong leadership qualities. They thrive on collaborative teamwork and are resolute in their pursuit, overcoming any obstacles in their path.


The students of Narmada House share a common goal - to preserve unity and integrity as they pursue their mission with innovative and creative ideas. As a unified team, they aim to soar to greater heights and achieve the pinnacle of glory.