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ICT Gallery

While inquiring about transdisciplinary themes in PYP, students often use a variety of ICT tools to monitor, document, measure and report their learning. ICT tools are used to support inquiry in the light of learning goals at various stages. Students reflect on their understanding of concepts and ideas using different online/offline ICT tools. This section showcases work of our PYP learners as they explore six transdisciplinary themes through technology. It will also provide a peep into their creations as they learn about technology, learn with technology, and learn through technology.

Coded Creativity
Grade 4 learners of DPSG Primary Wing unfurled their creative potential while applying their coding skills in LOGO. Their creations were indeed a feast for the eyes and demonstrated their zest to persevere with passion and put their best foot forward.

Digital painting made by Akshita Shambhavi Class IV on LOGO

Digital painting made by Sanvi Chaudhary Class IV-F on LOGO
Digital painting made by Samaira Dhawan