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Today a reader, tomorrow a leader

The school library at DPSG Meerut Road is dedicated to ensuring that all members of the school community have access to books for reading and learning, regardless of their background. It plays a pivotal role in realizing the school's vision of creating confident, well-connected, and engaged lifelong learners. The book collection, and programs are designed with the learners at the core of the educational experience within the library.

The library is seamlessly connected to the vast expanse of the internet, empowering students to pursue their individual interests and inquiries, encouraging them to think without limits and explore boundlessly.

Dedicated libraries for different levels:

Primary Library for primary level students
Senior Library tailored for senior students, providing age-appropriate resources.
Secondary Library catering to secondary level students.

The library's mission is to enhance the learning experience by providing optimal resources to its users. Regular library classes are conducted to ensure that students make the most of the available resources and develop strong reading .

Thoughtfully designed with the comfort of students in mind, the library has excellent ventilation and is fully air conditioned. We are proud of our highly organized and computerized library, which boasts of a collection of over 32,000 books. We consistently update our collection to stay in line with the IB curriculum. 

The library houses a variety of resources, including:
Reference materials
Internet facilities

DPSG Meerut Road School Library has created an e-virtual library page to actively engage students. This page provides access to educational links and a variety of online stories for browsing. We are also uploading all library events and activities to the e-virtual page, allowing users to access their work. Links are readily available on this website for easy access.