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Medical Care

The school aims to provide a healthy, safe and congenial environment to all its students. The school has two well equipped health units staffed by a qualified General Practitioner as well as a full time registered nurse. These medical rooms remain open at all times during school hours. The medical room is made available to students with acute illness such as fever, moderate to severe pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. In order to provide an immediate response to the minor medical emergencies, the school has a full complement of first aiders and first aid kits. Nursing cover is provided to students during the working school hours. While routine first aid is administered in the school but if deemed necessary, the student is sent to the health-care centre for a check-up, or, in serious cases, they are sent directly to hospital.

The school conducts growth assessment health check-up for its students every year and maintains their health record. With an objective to promote health and well being, the medical centre staff conducts workshops for the students from time to time. The centre also arranges for the interactive sessions and talks for the students as well as parents by the renowned specialists and Pediatrician addressing various health and adolescent issues.The medical centre at school also provides support & assistance to students with special needs and chronic medical illnesses.

Dr Anubha Gupta using PPE Kit