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Performing Arts


DPSG provides a vibrant and modern platform, fostering the enrichment of Classical and Western Music education. Classes for both Classical and Western Music are conducted year-round, with dedicated time slots in the school timetable. The school is fully equipped with the most up-to-date instruments & technological tools and adopts the best teaching methods developed through years of experience in the field of music.

a. Classical Music:  In the realm of Classical Music, students acquire proficiency in a diverse array of instruments such as the Harmonium, Tabla and Pakhawaj.

b. Western Music: Budding enthusiasts are introduced to instruments like the Congo, Guitar, Drum set, and Keyboard opening the door to the captivating and mesmerizing world of music.


Dance serves as a powerful educator, imparting the significance of physical activity and fitness through diverse disciplines.

a.       Western Dance: Students can explore a diverse range of Western Dance styles, including Hip Hop, Jazz, Disco, Freestyle, Rock n Roll, Cha Cha Cha, Broadway Jazz, and Contemporary.

b.      Indian Dance Forms: The students receive training in a rich tapestry of Indian Dance Forms including Kathak, Indian Folk, Classical Contemporary, Mudra Grooves, and Bharatnatyam.


The integration of theatre education in the curriculum is a dynamic and multifaceted experience that fosters creativity, self-confidence, and effective communication among students. It encourages collaboration and problem-solving, cultivating important life skills. Additionally, theatre education promotes cultural awareness, empathy, and emotional intelligence, while enhancing academic performance and sparking a lifelong appreciation for performing arts. Theatre classes are conducted throughout the year.