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  • Distribution of self assessment proformas to aspiring candidates of the house/class by House Incharge.
  • On return of the proforma the House Incharge & Class Teacher evaluate & give recommendations.
  • Interviews by sub-committee (formed by respective HMs & Grading on a scale of 10)
  • Decision for short-listed candidates by a committee (all House Incharges & sub-committees headed by the HM & Co-ordinators)
  • Interviews & approval of the finalists with the Principal.


Every year, the newly elected student council dons the mantle of leadership in the Investiture ceremony and takes a pledge to lead the school from the front with their commitment, confidence and competence. The council members are invested with responsibilities hoping that these young leaders will uphold the values of the school and take the school to even greater heights with their bold strides in all arenas.


Those students who get the honour of being prefects are groomed for handling their new roles in a responsible manner. Their training under the guidance of teachers and professionals aims to inculcate managerial and organizational skills, problem solving skills and good communication. Above all, they are trained to bring out the best within themselves as human beings, to work in teams and to demonstrate exemplary behavior.

Shreyas Garg

Head Boy

Varalika Singh

Head Girl


Sarthak Singhal

Head Prefect

Chhavi Jhawar

(Student Council)

Yashodeep Yadav

(Student Welfare)


'It is not a disgrace if the dreams are not fulfilled, but it is, if we have no dreams to dream'. Delhi Public School Ghaziabad infuses the child with the spirit of camaraderie, cohesion and competitiveness. Each child is initiated into the house system and is placed in a House and is gradually introduced to the ethos of the institution.

We have seven houses at DPSG, each named after a river. They are -

  1. Cauvery House
  2. Ganga House
  3. Godavari House
  4. Jhelum House
  5. Ravi House
  6. Satluj House
  7. Yamuna House

A river cuts through rocks not because of its power but because of its persistence. 'aut viam inveniam aut faciam' is the motto of the House system at DPSG thereby exemplifying the fact that the sky is the limit in the pursuit of excellence. It means 'I will either find a way or make one...'

Rivers teach us how to keep going with the flow. No matter what comes in its way. One needs determination coupled with aspiration to reach the pinnacle of success and glory.

The students at DPSG believe that challenges are not stumbling blocks but are opportunities to strive harder and confidently march towards the goal. They use their capabilities and perseverance to encourage one another and work together as a team.

Students step into the portals of this great institution with fresh thoughts, lofty aims, high hopes, and exalted aspirations. They are indeed the torchbearers and chart a unique course for themselves.

Cauvery House

The river Cauvery has been the inspiration for various civilizations who have thrived on the banks of the river. The House derives its name from the holy river Cauvery which is considered as life giving spirit and nurturing force. Cauvery House is represented by the colour yellow. Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum. It's the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring. The House is the abode of talent, innovation and novelty. The students participate in myriad activities with zeal and zest and discharge their duties with the best of their abilities. The teachers act as mentors and are constantly in pursuit of inculcating personal, social and national values in their students. In the past, many students participated in various events outside the school and with their excellent performance, brought laurels to the House. Many student have excelled in every walk of life and now they are the role -models for the young Cauverians.






Motto – ‘savidyayavimuktey’

The river Ganga that is of a heavenly-descent; that washes all the sins away is the elixir of the country.

Colour-Blue-Blue is a universal colour. The cool and calming blue brings peace and conveys importance and significance. It can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly. It is associated with intelligence, stability, unity and conservation. Following the footsteps of The River Ganga which is the life line of our country and a major resource, the house works towards the welfare of the school as a whole and always keeps service before self.

Like the river which decides its own path and gushes and rushes down to reach the sea, the contingents of Ganga House make wise decisions and work hard to achieve their goals. Gangites hereby stand strong on their beliefs, compassion and fortitude which gives them courage to fight any challenge with ease.

The House is the abode of talent, innovation and novelty. It believes in marching ahead with strength and fervor leaving behind all the obstacles and overcoming all the stones that lay in the path of its progress.

The Ganga House patronizes virtue of determination, dedication and diligence. Members of Ganga house are saviors of purity and harmony and pledge to carry forward the ideals of fair play and team spirit.





Godavari House

The Godavari is India's second longest river after the Ganga. The river is sacred to Hindus and has several places on its banks, that have been places of pilgrimage for thousands of years.

GODAVARI HOUSE has the motto-Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our position

As the threat of COVID-19 spread across the world, everyone seemed to be at a loss as how to continue about their daily life and people were at different stages of adjusting to their new reality. Picture wasn’t rosy for students too. But our students proved all the hurdles as trifle and kept aside the stress imposed by grim world updates. They prepared themselves for the new ordeal under the worthy guidance of their mentors and facilitators and emerged as champions.

Godavari House students reflected on how they all can cope with anxiety, the monotonous routines and being homebound. Filled with new zeal and vigour, they have infused the same fervor in their fellow beings. They are equipped with aptitude and skills which are required to overcome tests and trials.

We are quite confident that in near future our achievements and Co-scholastic will get reflected in such a manner that we all will feel proud on that.





Jhelum House

Jhelum house is named after one of the many sacred rivers of India. Running through the beautiful and vibrant Kashmir, river Jhelum makes us believe that we should always look at our problems with optimism and face them with strength. This house is associated with qualities of loyalty, honesty, sincerity and resilience. The Jhelumites stand true to these virtues and are usually described as impeccable and par excellence. The motto of the house, Striving towards excellence with humility in hearts, signifies the dynamism, determination and perseverance exhibited by the members of the house. The house aims at inculcating values like tolerance, integrity, friendship and duty. The students of Jhelum house are all-rounders and grow up to be achievers, ready to face the world self-assuredly. The house also places great emphasis on inculcating strong value system and life skills amongst the students. The greatest asset of this house is its unity and the 'never give up' attitude. Each member of the house is carefully mentored by its gurus who are a guiding light in their journey towards becoming future leaders and responsible citizens.





Ravi House

We belong to the Ravi House, which depicts enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, success and encouragement. We like to initiate different projects and tasks. We have our school faculties as our house incharges who help us in providing the right direction with the zeal and enthusiasm to maintain our vision and mission for the house towards the school.

The motto of our house is based on the 5D principle:

  • DUTY






Satluj House

The river Satluj rises from the Lake La'nga at the foot of the lofty Himalayas in southwest Tibet. The serene river, flowing through both India and Pakistan provides livelihood and sustenance to a large number of people. The Satluj house is represented by the colour green which represents the Earth. It symbolizes nature, harmony and tranquility. The students belonging to this house are down to earth, responsible and benevolent. They are always ready to go on and achieve with their minds on their goals. The students are manifestations of peace and epitomize the qualities of perseverance, good-will and steadfastness. Their greatest asset is their confidence and willingness to learn. The Satlujians call themselves "A team above all and above all, a team" which signifies the importance and strength of working as a team. The mentors of the house leave no stone unturned to create learners for life and who become confident and responsible citizens. In the middle of difficulty, lies the opportunity, is the motto of the house which stimulates the members to push their limits and exhibit their fullest potential.





Yamuna House

Rising from the Yamunotri glacier amongst the Himalayas, Yamuna is a pious river flowing through North India. Yamuna house is represented by the colour red. The colour excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. It is also strong-willed and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power. The students belonging to this house are embodiments of positive energy and exemplify qualifies like self-motivation, leadership, steadfastness and self-confidence. Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the color of fire and blood - energy and primal life forces - and most of red's symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past. The teachers mentors leave no stone unturned in instilling in every Yamunite a positive attitude that sets them apart from members of the fellow houses. Find a way, or make one, the motto of Yamuna house seeks to inspire its members to mold themselves into future leaders and embrace the challenges that come their way, tackling them with sagacity.