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At DPSG Meerut Road, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where each individual's ideas are not only embraced but also safeguarded against judgment or bullying. This is where the Student Council plays a pivotal role, as it constitutes an integral part of the school community.

The Student Council consists of students who have been selected through a rigorous and thoughtful election process.


The Prefectorial system at DPSG employs a comprehensive and equitable selection process, which unfolds as follows:

  • ·         Self-Assessment Proformas

    ·         Evaluation and Recommendations

    ·         Sub-Committee Interviews

    ·         Shortlisting Candidates

    ·         Principal's Approval

This stringent selection procedure ensures that the school's prefects are chosen with utmost fairness and have showcased the requisite qualities to effectively fulfill their significant responsibilities.


Annually, the newly elected student council assumes the role of leadership during the Investiture ceremony, where they solemnly pledge to guide the school with unwavering commitment, confidence, and competence. The council members are entrusted with significant responsibilities, with the hope that these emerging leaders will uphold the school's core values and propel the institution to greater achievements, making bold strides in every aspect of school life.


Students who are bestowed with the honour of becoming prefects undergo a rigorous training program to prepare them for their newfound responsibilities. This training, supervised by experienced teachers and professionals, is designed to instill crucial managerial and organizational skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, and foster effective communication.