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YUVA : Young Upcoming Versatile Authors

Online Classroom Engagement for Young Warrior Movement for Teachers and Students.

Under Online Classroom Engagement for Young Warrior Movement for Teachers and Students an orientation session was held in order to engage students more meaningfully in the Young Warrior Movement through 5 engaging and informative art-based sessions for students.

Session 2 was held on July 29,2021 on ‘Stress Buster’ that helped students understand their emotions and themselves during the pandemic through-‘Emotion Floor Plan Drawing’.

Let us peep into the efforts of our children from classes III, IV and V.

Under Prime Minister’s Scheme for Mentoring Young Authors-YUVA- Young, Upcoming and Versatile Authors we at DPSG have encouraged our students to bring to the fore

the perspectives of our young generation about ‘Unsung Heroes, Freedom Fighters and their role in the National Movement in an innovative and creative manner.

Let us peep into the efforts of our creative children--


If we meet & say- "namaste"

That’s our salutation.

If I ask you how you feel

That’s a consideration.

Then we stop & talk a while

That’s communication.

If we argue scream & fight

That’s a provocation.

But then we apologize

That’s a reconciliation.

If we help each other

That’s cooperation.

And all these ‘ations’added up

Makes a nation

Which is an Indian Civilization.

If I say this is a wonderful poem

Is that exaggeration??!!

By Aakarsha Thakur (Grade 4-H)

Unflinching Efforts Of Freedom Fighters

Freedom is an indispensable gift given to us by our national heroes. They struggled and fought against the British, not for themselves, but for the birth of an India without discrimination on the basis of caste, race, religion and gender. They fought hard for our country in many different ways, and these heroes are remembered even today for their deed.

When I was in class I my definition for freedom was entirely different. Freedom, for me, is the liberty to make a mistake and learn from it .Its for me two holidays-Independence Day and Republic Day that I looked forward to the most.

But actually when we talk of freedom, with respect to the country, we speak of a feeling that is not expressed in words. It is a strong bond. The more you love your country, the stronger are your feelings for it.

Our school celebrate the occasions of Independence Day and Republic Day enthusiastically every year I would eagerly wait for the Parade and cultural programme. During the cultural programmes, I got goosebumps when I heard “Vandematram song” or “Teri mitti song”. These programmes used to motivate me to do something great for the nation. I wanted to become like Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh and Subhas Chandra Bose. They are our real heroes. ... JAIHIND !!!


Bareilly – Its Role in Indian Independence

“Independent” – a word that I hear a lot from my parents. That is what they want me to be! Though today I know what they mean by this, this word used to confuse me a lot. Especially when I came to know that, there is a particular day, 15th August, that is celebrated as Independence Day in our country. I thought that this is a day when we all should act independently and party with family and friends.

However, all my confusion as put to rest last year when my parents decided to visit my grandparents in Bareilly on 15th August. It was a Saturday and they had the weekend off. We reached Bareilly early in the morning, just in time to watch the Prime Minister unfurl the National Flag at the Red Fort. And that’s when I put up my question – “Why is this day so important that even the Prime Minister is celebrating it?” Everyone laughed but my Nana ji got serious. “Okay, so you don’t know why we celebrate this day. Let me tell you a story.”

That day, I learned a lot about how our country got freedom from the British on 15 August 1947. I really enjoyed the story but the best part was just about to come. My Nanaji said, “Do you know, Bareilly played a very important part in the first freedom struggle that happened in 1857?” I was excited and my parents seemed surprised. This was something that even they did not know!

So let me tell you the story that my Nanaji told me.

The year 1857 was very important in Indian history as it was the first time that the Indians revolted against the “British Raj”. It began in Meerut as a Sepoy Mutiny under the leadership of Mangal Pandey but soon spread to the other parts of the country as well. Bareilly was one of the main centres of revolt in these regions besides Kanpur, Lucknow, Jhansi, Gwalior and Arrah in Bihar.

When the news of the outbreak of the struggle for independence at Meerut reached Bareilly, the people revolted against the British. Their leader was Khan Bahadur Khan Rohilla who successfully formed his own government in Bareilly. He appointed Sobha Ram Diwan, Madar Ali Khan and Niyaz Muhammed Khan as Generals and Hori Lal as paymaster and declared that Bareilly was free from the British rule. The 82 year-old Khan Bahadur Khan was appointed as the viceroy of the Mughal Emperor in the Rohilkhand region, which is now known as Bareilly.

The city of Bareilly remained free from British rule for nearly a year. However, as the neighboring areas kept falling in the hands of the British, Khan had no option but to put up a straight fight with Commander Campbell. They fought very bravely but lost the battle.

Khan Bahadur Khan and many of his men were captured and sentenced to death. Later, Khan was hanged in the old Kotwali in Bareilly and 257 of his men were hanged from a banyan tree.
The next day, Nanaji took me to the commissioner’s office in Bareilly where a monument has been built at the place of that old banyan tree which was a witness to Bareilly’s participation in India’s first freedom struggle.

Not many people know this story today but I do. And so do you!

By : Ashima Sharma (Grade 3-B)


“They are the saints who gave up the joys of youth for freedom they so dearly loved.”

Our struggle for independence was a very long battle that had started in 1757 with the goal of attaining freedom for the nation. Whenever we think of the heroes who carved the success story of Free India, there are a few names that spontaneously come to us. But there are so many more who laid their life for us. Those unsung heroes who sacrificed their lives so that we could breathe in free air These freedom fighters fought for justice and for equal rights of all.

One such lesser known freedom fighter was Rani Gaidinliu. She was an Indian independence activist. Gaidinliu was a Naga political leader who led against British rule in India. When she was 13, she joined the Heraka religious movement of her cousin. Peer Ali Khan, Surya Sen Trio of Benoy, Badal and Dinesh were some of the many selfless martyrs who were brutally killed by the British for fearlessly revolting against them.
As we celebrate India’s 74th Independence Day ,let us remember and honour the unsung heroes of India’s freedom struggle. They made an invaluable contribution to the freedom struggle. Let us give them a tribute by making this nation….a nation of their dreams.

By : Himanshi Saraswat (Grade 5-H)

Khudiram Bose: The forgotten hero
In 1908, Khudiram Bose the youngest revolutionary freedom fighter was appointed to kill Douglas H. Kingsford, the chief presidency magistrate of Calcutta who was known for meting out brutal punishments to freedom fighters. Bose threw a bomb but the bomb did not hit the judge’s carriage, bomb hit a different one, leading to the death of two others.
Khudiram Bose was arrested and later he was sentenced to death in Muzaffarpur conspiracy case. When death sentence was pronounced on him, Khudiram immediate and spontaneous response with smile. He was only 18, when he was hanged on August 11th 1908 at the Muzaffarpur jail, which has been renamed after him.
Khudiram Bose was born on December 3, 1889 in West Bengal’s Habibpur, Midnapore district. At age of 15, he became a volunteer for Anushilan Samiti and was arrested for distributing pamphlets against the British government.
Everyone knows about Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and others, but there has hardly been any mention of Khudiram Bose in mainstream discussion about the freedom struggle.
The martyrdom of Khudiram Bose sparked a new flame and set an example to the revolutionary movement in Indian freedom struggle. At the age of sweet dreams of life Khudiram offered the biggest sacrifice to his motherland’s freedom.

Written By Chayan Nirala (Grade 5-H)

Feel Proud !!
We should salute our unfamous heroes who fought bravely for the freedom of india against alien enemies.They do not had the hunger for glory but they were so devoted for their mother land that they fought selflessly and fearlessly. If everyone wanted fame so today people cannot live peacefully and happily.
They did not take care of their families so that we can live with our dear ones. They were the courageous people who did unrecognised contributions which very few can do. We should applaud for the unsung heroes and as a citizen of india we should remember them like VELU NACHIYAR created the first human bomb and destroyed ammunitions of british . He gave his life to save his people which is the biggest one can do but the sad part is , he is unrecognised and hardly talked about. Another hero was VEERAPANDIA KOTTABOMAN who refused to pay taxes to East india company as they were the robbers who were not investing money in development of india and tried to make our “golden bird” into a “slave bird”.
One who was shot thrice during procession and kept holding indian flag above the ground and chanting continuously ‘VANDE MATARAAM” was MATANGINI HAZRA. Women were also a great part of the movement to free India. Many women fought head to head with men’s army to make our country free from britishers and they have only one aim to see ¬– FREE INDIA.
Our heroes lived in the darkest period just to enlighten our future. We are living in this fruitful and peaceful land not because of some famous personalities but many many unsung heroes were involved whose efforts should be known to today’s generation that how they shed their blood for them.
These freedom fighters kept the rolling wheel of revolution moving and had the courage to fight with cruel britishers and this mother land saw the sacrifice of millions of innocent leaders who are not recalled and we together should pay tribute to these unsung heroes.
Vande Mataram!!

Written By Sharvi Jindal grade 3-C


There are always heroes in any stories, who stand up and fight. Some get the spotlight while some stay in the dark and contribute just as much as the others. This is true for India's freedom fighters as well. Every year as Independence Day approaches, we see a lot of writings on the heroes of our struggle for Independence, tales of sacrifice of our leaders but almost always the same names get all the attention and mention.
However, there were many freedom fighters whose tales of heroism somehow gotten erased from the pages of history. They fought equally hard but never got any share of the limelight, because they simply never cared. Their only focus was seeing an independent India. There is little or no awareness of their life, their struggle or their contribution for independence. But they are still our heroes and they too deserve a mention on our Independence Day.

“Their bravery is hardly revealed and their great deeds often remain unknown.”

As citizens of this country, we should know about some of them and Tara Rani Srivastava is one of the unsung heroes, she was born in Saran and married to Phulendu Babu, who was also a freedom fighter. Tara Rani gathered women from and around her village to join protest marches against the British. She also participated in the Quit India Movement.

On 12 August 1942, along with her husband, she led a procession in front of the Siwan Police Station. Though Phulendu Babu was shot, Tara Rani bandaged his wounds and kept going forward. By the time she returned, he had died. However, her will to go on was stronger still and she continued to fight holding the flag high.

“We must thank all those hundreds and thousands soldiers, known or unknown, who sacrificed their lives only to get free of British rule. We have to acknowledge them as soon as we see the tricolour flag.”

Written By : Shlok Himanshu Grade 3-H

To mark the death anniversary of People’s President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam,(27 July) Akshar Jyothi Ideate- (an interactive programme meant to bring children closer to the world of words and innovative thoughts) brings in a whole new realm of creativity to inculcate in children the spirit to identify and solve issues through an activity ‘ If I were Kalam’ , wherein the children have been provided with a platform to speak their mind and contribute towards a better tomorrow. A glimpse of the thoughtfulness of our children.

Commemoration on the life, time and vision of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

If I Were Kalam
The Problem:
Most of us are stuck at home as corona is around. No outdoor playing. No fun! We mostly remain online but the learning curve has gone flat.
So why not make online fusion of fun and innovative learning!

The Solution:
CoolChamp would be an audio-visual online platform for fun learning and innovation.
There will be a different segment for subjects and states. A dedicated segment will be also there for NRI School students.
Subject-wise segments could be:
Gandhi Idea Camp, Kalam Innovation Camp, Bhabha Science Camp, Ramanujan Math’s Camp, Ambedkar Social Science Camp, Lata Arts Camp, Sachin Sports Camp etc.
State Wise segments could be:
North India Camp, South India Camp, East India Camp, West India Camp, NRI Camp
Any school student after registering on this platform/ App can share their special fun moments on this platform. For example, I can share a video on indoor game that I play with my mother, which she used to play during her school days - Atkan Matkan! Similarly, a student who is gold medalist in Physics Olympiad can share his/her learning on this platform. An NRI student can share his/her innovation idea in coding etc. Competition could be held every month to select CoolChamp of the Month, Innovative CoolChamp of the month etc. This CoolChamp could also go off line once Corona Crisis is over. The whole idea is centered around for the school students, by the school students and of the school students. The Cool Students become CoolChampions!

Written By Manasvi Raj Grade 5-E

I am Khyati Sinha, a student of class 4-A DPSG . I live in Officer City 2, Rajnagar extension, Ghaziabad. In and around my society, lots of construction works are going on. I see many migrant laborers in these construction sites who have come from the remote villages of the states like U.P., Bihar, M.P. etc. I feel pity to see them and their small kids working in this Pandemic situation without knowing and maintaining safety measures and protocols.

If I were Kalam, I would have aware them about the protocols to remain safe by maintaining social distancing. I would have a dialogue with the construction manager and other philanthropic organizations/communities to provide them free mask and safety kits. I would have arranged for them health camps for the free vaccinations. I would have speed up the Covid vaccination drive for the children as well as I want to see my country Corona free nation.

Written by Khyati Sinha Grae 4-A

Since last year, as the schools are online due to the pandemic, I noticed a problem, which I was not aware till now. I noticed fluctuations in electric supply disrupting the new-age India’s activities. I also came to know that there are many persons who cannot afford electricity even though they stay in or nearby a metropolitan city.
The power fluctuations or unavailability of power are actually the opposite sides of a coin. This reflects that while we are progressing economically, these are actually a hindrance in our development. Starting with loss of electric equipment and increase of wastes, they impact education, banking and daily livelihood of many. Factories to fashion industry, education to entertainment, we as a country are paying for our wrongdoing.
While thinking on the problem, I discussed with my parents and realized that while the problem is humongous infecting all across the length and breadth of the country, the solution in fact is as simple as sunrise and sunset. We all are aware of the solution and we need to start implementing now, because tomorrow it will be too late. I tried to summarize the problem through the word- POWER
P- Prudent Use of Electric supply
O- Observance of framed guidelines
W- Wisdom amongst all about the utility of Electricity
E- Energy efficient equipment to be promoted and used
R- Renewable energy sources for sustainable nature-friendly life
While we all understand and appreciate the importance of electricity in life, we also need to be equally cautious on using natural resources for production of electricity. We should always prefer and promote use of renewable energy sources like Wind, Sun and also look for greener avenues.
These few small steps will surely help to solve a problem which we all face and affects everyone in one way or another. Lets make a pledge to use “POWER” to make the nation more ”POWER”ful.

Written by Aishani Majumdar Grade 4-J

Problem that affects our neighborhood and us.
One of the major problems that we all are facing is bad air quality.

As per the survey done in 2019, 21 out of 30 most polluted cities were in India. We have observed that many of our neighbors have been purchasing air purifiers these days. However, Are we sure that this will permanently fix the problem? The answer is a big "No" as we cannot afford to have enough purifiers everywhere to purify our surroundings. Moreover, air purifier releases Ozone, which is harmful to humans in long run.
The solution to this problem is the natural air purifiers, which are plants and trees. Now let us see how we can plant more trees.
Firstly, we can start exchanging plants on occasions like Christmas, Diwali, Birthdays and Anniversaries, etc. We can make a habit to plant a tree on our birthdays and we can share the picture with our loved ones to encourage them.
Secondly, schools can also contribute to planting more trees. Schools can distribute seeds and plants along with trophies to the students for their achievements. There should be plant labs in schools where students can deeply understand the plants and their benefits.
Lastly, as responsible citizens of a country, we should preserve plants by following these steps. People can carry water bottles during the morning or evening walk and they can pour the water into the plants. Government should take proper measures to take care of those plants. We should avoid wooden furniture and use alternatives. The government can install compost machines in an area to convert the home waste into fertilizers for the betterment of the plants' growth.
To summarize this, growing more plants and trees is the permanent solution to purify the air by following the above steps.

Written by Arush Bansal Grade 3-I

Problem in the locale-
The problem of medical facilities was never given much importance until the period of COVID.I saw my family discussing it in last few months.People were seen running around to seek medical help not much then at least first aid.Health sector in our locale is very much disturbing.We can help people in other ways but health is something which can be taken care by experts only.It was disturbing that rich could at least given treatment by private hospitals but poor were just running around and were helpless.

Solution -
Solution as a child and after discussing with my elder sister,I can think of to do charity by people.As a CITIZEN of India I think we all should do our part.We should open small health sectors where needy can get free health check ups and in the emergency situation they can get first aid.Our health sector can be improved if we can tell good Doctors to do charity at least once a week and help people.Things can be controlled at any emergency situations if we have done our homework.Small charity every month can save lives.


The Problem
The problem that I have identified in my Locale and especially within my family is major power cuts. I am often disconnected from my classes due to this and when I did a survey through MS- Form within my neighborhood , most of the responses suggested Power cut as the major issue in my area.

The Solution
So to help solve the problem and to increase the reach to more homes/locations my solution would be use of a backup system which is powered by solar cells. To harness the energy of natural resources is the best way to deal
with this problem. Since I live in Ghaziabad wherein best alternative source of energy is sun so meeting with the increased energy demand its my solution to install solar cells in my whole area in the best possible arrangement so that they don’t take much space and provide electricity in case of powercuts.

Written By Sean Narula Grade 5-C

In simple words, ability to maintain our own needs without compromising to give for our future generation to their own needs.
Now a days, we all are facing problems in our daily life.
a) 71% of water is on earth, only3% water is used for drinking. approx 1.5%clean water is available.
b) Misuse of underground water by submersible.
c) Underground water used by industries like coca-cola industries, due to that underground water polluted day by day. They are increasing chemical in underground water.
d) more than 800 children under age 5 die every day due to contaminated water.
e) many people die from water borne diseases like DIARRHOEA,TYPHOID etc.

a) preserve rain water.
b) swimming pools should be banned.
c) recycling option at home and school available.

If we keep continue to cut trees from our land it may lead to
a) it increasing GLOBAL WARMING.
b) it increase water level in coastal areas.
c) it also increases carbon dioxide gases in atmosphere which is not good for living beings.
d) it also increase the DESERTIFICATION OF LAND.
e) soil erosion and flood increase.
f) loss of nutrients from soil.
g) increase in diseases like ASTHMA,COPD, etc
h) animals and directly comes in contact with humans.
i) lack of OXYGEN.

a) plant a tree every year.
b) reforestation and afforestation.
c) reduce consumption of paper.
d) purchase product from FOREST ECO-FRIENDLY COMPANIES.

The most important is FUEL, like petrol, diesel, natural gas.
We also take care to save fossil fuel to our next generation.
Fossil fuel is decreasing day by day. If shortage of fuel is happen today nothing will be for tomorrow. RENEWABLE SOURCES are to used
We all must find the other option for that.

a) solar or electric cars, bike, to be used etc,
(b) solar or electric utensil to be used for cooking.

Written By Virat Singh Grade 4-B