Foreign Exchange Programme

Exchange Programme with France

 It is our firm belief that in this age of globalization, students should be citizens of the world. The foreign exchange programmes provide a chance for the students to observe different cultures and get a sense of being global citizens and make acquaintances for life. It also offers school partnerships, professional development courses for educators, school accreditation and opportunities for policy-makers to share best practice with international counterparts.  

DPSG has student exchange programmes with various countries like France, Switzerland, Belarus, Germany, UK, China, Spain, and Singapore etc.  We are of the firm belief that globalization demands an expansion of one’s boundaries to assimilate the best that the world offers and provides us with a repertoire of strategies that can provide a strong platform for revolutionary changes and pedagogical innovations in the future.

In sync with this ideology students and teachers of DPSG hosted 11 students and 2 teachers from France as the part of the exchange programme. The students and teachers spent 12 days with their respective host families. They were given a warm welcome by the school and their host families. The students were taken to the capital New Delhi to visit Red Fort and India Gate, they were briefed about the rich heritage of India and significance of the monuments. The students were accompanied by Indian students to their classrooms to observe the transaction process in the classrooms and share their views on the same. They were also given an opportunity to learn to cook some Indian dishes with the help of the students and teachers. The students enjoyed tasting scrumptious flavours of India.

The students not only observed the rich heritage of India but they also celebrated one of the significant festivals of India, the festival of lights, Diwali. The students celebrated the festival of Diwali with their host families and enjoyed each and every part of the celebration. They helped the host families in the decoration and were a part of the auspicious Diwali puja of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi.

The French students were given a wonderful farewell by the students and teachers of DPSG. This exchange programme was a great experience for the students of France and the host students as they learnt about the culture, heritage, food, festivals etc of the both the countries.



Report on the visit of Indian delegation to Coutances

The Indian delegation, comprising of 10 students and a teacher, visited France in the month of April, 2019. The students not only enjoyed but also brought back a lot of thoughtful learnings. The cultural exchange programme started on 20th of April and ended successfully on 1st of May with the return of the Indian delegation. From visiting the famous Eiffel tower to swinging around in the dreamy Disneyland, from roaming in the fashionable streets of Paris to the visit of iconic Arc de Triomphe, the Indian delegation from Delhi Public School Ghaziabad explored and enjoyed at the same time.  

The delegation visited the 13th-century cathedral in Coutances, attended classes in the school, stayed with the French families, visited the caramel factory, the American war memorial, second most popular tourist destination Mt St Michel, the historic city of Caen and local market.

The Learnings:

The weather in Coutances was pleasant with frequent showers as it is situated in the Normandy region. The delegation also learnt that there is no servant system in France and everyone works diligently, whether at home or office. The French people spend hours on the dining table and they love to talk. Different sorts of cheese, pastries and meat-based cuisine make the French food a must try and the warmth with which it was served by the French families strengthened the Indo-French bond. Students noticed that Europe follows the left-hand drive system whereas in India we follow the right-hand drive system. They also observed that how the movement is allowed within the European union as a lot of cars from England, Germany and Belgium could be seen easily in France.

The delegation liked the idea of using music as a reminder of next period. Students also liked the no-uniform policy of the school. The delegation was  told that talking about politics, religion is strictly prohibited in the school premises. The  French follow the traffic rules and they don’t blow the horn until and unless it’s an emergency.



“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

As a part of ongoing Indo-Swiss Exchange Programme a group of 20 students accompanied by two teachers went to Switzerland for an exchange programme with Kantonsschule, Menzingen from 20 June to 6 July 2019.

The programme gave them myriad of opportunities to interact with Swiss students and learn about the pedagogical styles of classroom transaction. Each day provided the students plethora of opportunities to enhance their acclimatization skills. The students admired the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland and visited Clock Tower in Zug, ETH University, National Museum in Zurich, Clock Tower, Einstein House, Federal building in Bern.

The students worked collaboratively on a project based on the comparative study of the political,economic and social issues of both the countries-India and Switzerland. The students were divided into groups of four with their Swiss partners working on the most important world issues. After the research they wrote a blog post on the topic and also made a video depicting the causes, effects, measures to solve issues like food and water wastage, pollution, gap between the rich and the poor and women rights.

The students returned home enriched with pleasant memories, enhanced interest in global issues as well as a broader general knowledge, maturity and social poise, fuelled by the necessity to confront challenges outside a familiar support network and comfort zone.




 Delhi Public School Ghaziabad has unprecedented student exchange programmes, running concurrently, with schools of USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine, France, Japan and NewZealand. Each year several students opt for these programmes and visit foreign shores to get an insight into the cultures and customs of their global counterparts. These carefully  planned programmes are an amalgamation of an educational experience with fun and entertainment. Rich friendships are formed between the student partners, each year, giving a fresh impetus to the school’s endeavour to expand its exchange base and give the students an opportunity to explore  new parts of the world. 

 To broaden the horizon  of the students and also inculcate in them  the spirit of international mindedness and tolerance, the school has initiated an Exchange Programme with  Canada. Vic Degutis, COO-Research and Development Office, International Education Services from Waterloo Catholic District School Board, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada visited the Delhi Public School Ghaziabad on February 5, 2019. A memorandum of understanding was signed between Vic Degutis, COO-Research and Development Office, International Education Services and Mr. Om Pathak, Founder and Chairman, DPSG Society.

 This exchange programme will see the students from both countries coming together to expand the horizons of the young students, changing the way they see the world.