Visited to ISRO

A team of students visited ISRO Control Center wherein they got an opportunity to see the advances and applications of technology in the field of Space Exploration. They  witnessed the  2nd launch pad  surrounded by 4 Towers. One of the scientists enlightened them about the assembling, monitoring, launching, cooling and the procedures after the launch. The group also observed the 1st launch pad and a live rocket assembly which is scheduled to be launched on March 27, 2020.

The team  visited the ISRO space museum and saw the working prototypes of Aryabhatta, Radar, Solar system and different types of spacecrafts.

Students visited Botanical Garden, Sacred Church, Auroville- a center of peace in Puducherry. They also visited Puducherry museum where they learned about the history of this place through paintings and artefacts. Their visit to Chennai included Five Rathas, stone sculptures and Butter Ball.

The visit was indeed fruitful and perceptive for the students who were introduced to the achievements of India and wonders of space in a whole new paradigm. Everyone gained insight into this exotic field and were left moved to learn more and contribute to progress in their own ways.