Adobe Education Exchange

The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others. This is the basic architecture of a life; the rest is ornamentation and decoration of the structure.

― Grayson Kirk

DPSG has installed a perfect blend of confidence and commitment in educators to achieve their goals in life.  It is a matter of pride to be a part of such a great institution that provides learning opportunities of professional development. Our spotlight is on Ms. Garima Kaushik, an accomplished teacher in Starz Wing who has earned ‘Contributor Status’ by creating teaching resources on the ‘Adobe Education Exchange’ to ignite enthusiasm in the classrooms, be it with distance learning as well as routine teaching. Her passion for excellence and her all encompassing vision has inspired her students and co-teachers alike to reach for the skies. She has undoubtedly been an enormous asset for the school.

Keep up the great work ma’am. Cheers!!!