Ongoing On-line Classes

In these unprecedented times, we are witnessing and becoming a part of a historic war waged against COVID 19 pandemic. Staying put through this pandemic and hustling through these tough times is not at all easy and calls for unparalled resilience.

To compensate for the loss in academics, use of technology was envisaged at Delhi Public School Ghaziabad, Meerut Road and online classes were started. By pivoting to virtual classes, we at DPSG have ensured that learning continues unhampered during these difficult times of COVID-19 lockdown. The school is conducting online classes daily as per a well-drawn schedule.

At DPSG, Meerut Road many options were tried like Team-viewer, WhatsApp broadcast, Zoom cloud, Microsoft Teams, etc. After extensive testing and trial, Microsoft Teams was selected for this purpose. A full-fledged training was launched for the faculty. The classes were started timely from 20th March, even before the lockdown was announced. Lesson plans, pedagogic plans, on-line classes time table, PPTs, class records with evidences and links, etc have been made to streamline the education. A hardware – Digital Pad was acquired to efficiently teach and demonstrate the class. Through these classes, the syllabus is being covered effectively without any loss of time or syllabus. Each class of 1 hour is being used to give lectures through Microsoft Team, and by providing link for quizzes, assignments and multiple questions.

The teachers are doing a commendable job by adapting to the online method of teaching with total earnestness. They have been working tirelessly to ensure that students don’t lose out on learning. And the positive feedback from students and parent fraternity reinforces that this format is resonating well with students.