PYP Corner

Resplendent with high spirit, parents of grade 2 imparted an enriching experience to our little curious audience. It was an Expert Visit as our Finding out exercise in ongoing inquiry. Our inquirers  learnt about celebrations and traditions across the globe.
This mesmerizing learning engagement entailed well researched highlights about Christmas, Mahaveer Jayanti, Durga Puja, Halloween and Carnival of Venice.
The parents went all the way researching and rehearsing for a joyful learning experience. They showed some tricks and treated the young folk with their favorite candies, puzzles and engaging activity booklets based on the festivals. It was a Superhit show, filling the young learners with exhilaration.

The facilitators of grade 2 merrily went up that extra mile for the Joyful learning of their learners. Dressed up as different community helpers, they stole the hearts of the little ones. 
In accordance with the ongoing unit of inquiry,they explained the role and importance of different helpers of our community through their entertaining display. Amongst them were the barber, cobbler, farmer, banker, teacher, baker, chemist, author, doctor, nurse, 

As a part of the Unit of Inquiry our young zealots of grade 2 were on exploration of nearby community places. They visited HDFC Bank, VVIP Style,Raj Nagar Extension.
Overjoyed with their experiential learning they learnt about the people who work at bank- branch manager, teller/ cashier/ personal banker etc. They understood the use of Passbook, cheques, deposit slips etc. They also saw the intriguing bank lockers where we keep are valuables safe. Such explorations are etched on their minds and hearts for life.


Staying healthy is vital for proper growth and development of child’s body and mind. Early childhood is an important time to establish healthy habits. Keeping this in mind a doctor visit (Dr. Priya Bansal) was organized for the students of class prep. The doctor guided and reinforced the various habits to be inculcated for a healthy living.

To disseminate information and create awareness among school children about road safety, IL & FS education in partnership with BMW designed a road safety awareness programme “ Be Safe Be Smart” and it was successfully implemented for Class III students in Primary Wing DPSG on 3rd and 4th September 2019. It led to a great learning indeed!

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad conducted the session, 'Talk to an Expert' for the students of class IV. The famous physician,Dr. Saurabh Gupta elaborated on the integration of different organ systems in a human body. The children actively discussed their queries and promised to follow a healthy lifestyle.



Class Nursery organized a common Assembly based on Unit of Inquiry “ Health and Hygiene”. The students were shown a short film on health and hygiene. Kids carried out a cleanliness drive to spread awareness about good habits through posters and slogans.




Class nursery conducted   a common assembly on Unit of inquiry “How We Express Ourselves”. The students learnt about different cultures and festivals by watching a video and later on children spoke one line on each festival and different cultures in our country.



In UOI 1 Who we are , we organized an activity Ask an expert where we invited grandparents of 1child from each section. It was a very interactive session where students where excited to converse with Grand parent and  they gave knowledge about values, relation, family bonding and at the end students gave them a beautiful hand made card.

Students of class 2 enacted themselves as various body organs and described their useful functions by means of Role Play activity

Class 4 students actively engaged in the designing of various folk art from India. 


In UOI 5 How we express Ourselves, we conducted a Finding Out learning engagement- An Expert Visit. Parents from different walks of life, were invited to share about their religion and festival celebrations with the twinkling stars of Grade 2. They spared their valuable time for enriching our learners . Brimming with enthusiasm the students were enthralled with the new learnings about the traditions and cultures of various Indian and international festivals celebrated across the globe.

DPSG primary wing conducted a student led orientation by students of class IV on Saturday, the 7th of April. It was enriching as the excited students took turns to explain the way in which the Unit of Inquiries are conducted in the class in an academic session. They embarked on the journey of learning engagements that their facilitators take them through to make understanding clear and apply the knowledge gained. The parents were eager and enthusiastic spectators and narrated their experiences as to how IB curriculum have given new wings to their children.

These conferences indeed cater to the PYP attitudes and have helped the learners emerge as more confident, communicative  and creative in their outlook towards education today.

IB trains the leaders of tomorrow, it motivates and it teaches responsibility. It instills passion for learning, desire to do good and take the ownership of one’s own learning . This was clearly visible in the students led orientation organized on 24th February, 2018 by grade V students . The program began with the welcome of Principal Dr. Jyoti Gupta and the parents who graced the occasion to witness the Sneak- Peek into the session 2017-18.


Students were brimful with excitement while sharing their classroom experiences with parents . They reflected on their learnings of all six UOI’s . A skit highlighting the rights and duties was much appreciated. Orientation concluded with a performance on “Where the mind  is without fear”, through which the learners gave a message that they wish to create a world where they can be free to express themselves.


Principal Dr. Jyoti Gupta congratulated the parents and students for graduating from IB PYP World School and illuminated them about the various changes in subjects, timings, grading system etc., in the secondary school.


 “Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.”  -Aristotle

It is an undisputed fact that great teachers help create great students. Having recognized this crucial element of teacher development, DPSG keeps on organizing  a range of well-designed and innovative Teacher Training modules, that emphasize  on subject-matter mastery and provide hands on experiences for teachers under the guidance of experienced facilitators.

DPSG being the proud member of SAIBSA [ a forum of all authorized IB schools and PYP & MYP candidate schools in South Asia] was invited to attend the annual meet on 3rd February. Primary Wing Co-ordinators and teachers attended PYP JOB ALIKE SESSION  at GENESIS GLOBAL SCHOOL, NOIDA. The variety of case studies, sharing of best practices and reflection on the classroom transactions served as a platform for discussion in the identification and nurturing of children.


Students of class 1 learnt about different food groups through an activity.


Students of Class II learnt about basics of fractions through an engaging activity with fraction activity kit. They also learnt the concept of hundreds, tens and ones.


Students of class III had fun making digital scrapbook on the wonderful world of animals. They also annotated images of animals using thing link. Given below are some thinglinks links created by students of class III.

Unit of Inquiry on plant world progressed in the form of a potpourri of activities where students of class II dressed up as plants and talked about their characteristics and importance, made collage on different types of plants, germinated seeds of different plants and savoured delicious edible parts of plant during ‘ A Peep into the tiffin’ activity. Students in groups observed edible parts of plants packed in their lunch boxes like leaves of coriander plant in the form of coriander chutney, cabbage leaves in noodles, spinach cutlets, edible seeds in the form of rice, edible roots in the form of carrot salad and edible fruits in the form of fruit chat, mango jam rolls and mango pickle. Then they took out a rally to create awareness on saving plants to save the Earth. They also printed their old T-shirts with slogans to plant and save trees. The activities truly exemplified anytime anywhere learning. Our budding artists also tried their hands at clay modelling by making clay models of creepers, climbers, herbs, shrubs and trees.


Student Led Orientation

Orientation Programme for the upcoming session 2017-18 took the shape of student-led conferences for classes I to III wherein the students of these classes confidently demonstrated how inquiry in PYP classroom in DPSG is carried out. They exuberantly showcased scenarios of learners creating understanding on issues like water conservation, global warming and animal world in their own unique ways through various engaging and enriching activities.

Student Led Orientation

A student led orientation was conducted by the students of class V, DPSG on 8th March 2017. The students carried forward the presentation through an array of learning engagements to display the way PYP curriculum is taken up in the classes. They presented this by highlighting one unit and started it from the way it is initiated through the process of reflections. The parents listened to them with rapt attention and the program concluded with a loud applause by the audience.

Class 3 Comic Strips


Class III made comic strips emphasizing on the need to save water as part of their ongoing Inquiry on Water under transdisciplinary theme Sharing the planet.

Class 2 Popplet

Students of class II expressed theirunderstanding about seasons and solar system by making popplets on They also enumerated causesof global warming and various ways to prevent earth from disastrous effects ofglobal warming.

To view the popplets made by kids, visitthese links


Taking the students one step ahead Class IV students got a glimpse of factors which influence migration through the PYP Unit of Inquiry on Human Migration. An interactive session was organized with Mr Rahul Gupta, IT architect Entrust Datacard and Founder of and Ms Shambhavi Gupta who works for Oracle along with their 10year old son Shreshth. On one hand the students could relate to the fact that better employment opportunities is a valid reason to migrate and on the other hand they were amused to know that Ms Shambhavi craves for street food that she misses in USA. The students were surprised to know that Shreshth had many South Indian classmates. Mr Rahul Gupta’s initiative to spread the Indian culture through his monthly magazine was applauded. The session ended giving a feeling of euphoria……….we may fly very high but our culture and traditions keep us forever grounded.

Class 2 Assembly on Seasons

For the sixth Unit of Inquiry under the theme “How the world works’, students of class 2 conducted an assembly on seasons. They demonstrated key characteristics of different seasons, their formation and their cycle. Students also enjoyed watching videos on seasons.

Inquiry - PYP Workshop

DPSG has always strived to provide a conducive platform to the learners to tread the path of the unknown with confidence. Teachers play a pivotal role in this eventful journey of life called ‘Learning’. To keep our teachers abreast and updated with the changing scenario of education, our school  organized a two day workshop on ‘Inquiry Based Learning’ for the Primary Wing teachers on 7th and 8th January 2017. The workshop was lead by Ms Sangeeta Pratti, Ms Chandrei and Ms. Rosie.

The workshop aimed to provide how a classroom environment can be built upon reflective questions, problem and conclusions through a constructive approach rather than presenting established facts. It was an interesting session to portray how a smooth path of knowledge can be developed by a facilitator. The learning engagements were aimed at involving students to seek information, observe, reflect and review their understanding thereby developing skills and positive attitudes.

The art of asking questions and motivating the learners by making them understand what kind of questions they are capable to asking was extremely interesting. It delved deeper into the fact that the act of involving the learner into what he/she wants to learn provides deeper understanding of the process of learning. It also helped the teachers to understand the need of transition from a teacher led class to a more student led learning. It provided for an understanding into how provocations can lead to steering of the learning along the desired path by providing a framework but not limiting knowledge through an array of books or set syllabus.

The two day workshop helped the teachers to move ahead on the path that we have already treaded upon in a more fruitful manner and has enabled us to become more confident about the inquiry based learning.  

Activity by Class IV-Body system

Artist at Work

Art and music are the keys to student’s development. To Grade IV students connect more deeply with culture “Artist at Work” activity was organised in which the students depicted various art forms of India. Expanding each learner’s mind and soul, they developed self-management skill and showcased their creative side.

Ask an Expert

To sensitize the young learners of grade IV towards degradation of nature due to pollution a special visit was organized in the primary wing.

Mr. Saket Dinkar (Environmentalist) highlighted the reasons behind the different kinds of pollution. He talked about the need of every individual’s contribution to conserve the natural resources.

Ask an Expert Class 2

Finding out activity was organized for class 2 students for knowing more about festivals. Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Tamil parents were invited who shared with the students the importance of festivals in promoting communal harmony and enlivening the spirit of unity in diversity.

Ask an expert session - class III

Students of class III were given an opportunity to enhance their learning about Indian classical music and dance forms of India through ‘Ask an Expert’ session organized in the school premises. The experts for the session were Mr. Sankalp Srivastava (Exponent of classical vocal music ), Mr. Hitesh Goyal (Tabla exponent), Ms. Manisha Handa (Exponent of Odissi Dance form Mohiniattam) and her co-performer Prashasya Handa. The experts mesmerized the students with their performances and also explained them about Raag Yaman and the key difference between classical dance and folk dance. The session enriched students’ understanding of Indian classical music and dance as a way of expressing emotions and feelings.

ICT Activity by class 5 Microorganism

ICT Activity How the world works Class V

In How the World Works unit of inquiry students of class V worked on various activities to support inquiry cycle. As a part of sorting out activities students have created Piktocharts online using website Students have created online comic strips related to energy conservation and use of simple machines on Some of the class V sections have created the power point presentations on the same topic. Students have also made infographics in MS word. Students have created video on the given situation (hospital, construction site, park, etc.)to depict the various machines, forces and energy they come across in their real life using video making software.

ICT skills developed during this activity are investigating, organizing, creating and collaborating, communicating.

Learner’s Profile Attributes addresses are Thinkers, Knowledgeable and communicators

Click on below link to see the video created in Animoto on Energy Conservation.


As part of an ongoing inquiry under Who We Are, students of class 2 enthusiastically participated in a role play activity. They researched and learnt about 5 sense organs as well as internal and external organs, their location and their function in our body.

Skype Session

In order to develop international mindedness in students and taking learning beyond the classroom, DPSG organised a Skype session for Class 2 on 30 November 2016 on sharing Christmas messages to the world. Brimming with great zeal and enthusiasm our students interacted with students of CEIP –EL Murtal School in Benidorm, Spain. The students of Spanish school shared beautiful 3D models on Christmas and read out Christmas wishes to our students whereas our students shared Christmas cards with messages written on them. The Spanish students also sang a carol on Christmas in Spanish language. The session truly signified the fact that individuals from dissimilar cultures can share joys together. It also enriched students’ understanding about festivals as part of their ongoing inquiry under the theme ‘How we express ourselves ‘.

Unit of Inquiry Sharing the Planet-Class IV

As a part of Sorting out activity, Tuning in activity students have class Iv supported the inquiry cycle through various ICT activities. Students have been introduced with the various website through which they have designed comic strip( ,Power Point Presentation, online moviemaking(animoto .com). ICT sklls developed during this activities are investigating, organizing, creating and collaborating. Learner’s Profile Attributes addresses are Thinkers, Knowledgeable and Reflectors.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”, the saying was aptly demonstrated by students of class II when they made picture cards on ways to stay healthy and hygienic as part of their ongoing unit on Who We Are. The students got a chance to explore the world of Internet and they learnt to copy the pictures related to their text and paste them in Ms Paint.

Inventions & Discoveries

While learning about Inventions and discoveries, students of class III got myriad opportunities to demonstrate understanding and reflect upon their learning. During personal descriptions activity, students put across their own individual reflection on inventing as per the need of the hour. Students also pasted pictures of inventions that made our life easier during a collage making activity.

Making PYP Happen IB PYP Workshop

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad organized a two days workshop for teachers from 26th June – 27th June at the school premises. The objective of the workshop was to provide professional development to the staff .  The workshop was facilitated by trained workshop leaders experienced in teaching in IB programmes. Ms. Sangeeta, Ms. Veena D’Silva and Ms. Archana…….  The presenters were experienced and well prepared. They were competent and had very good presentation skills. The sessions were excellent, well structured and engaging. Their lectures were interactive and offered clear and precise guidance towards implementing the PYP programme. They used fun clips to break it up the little. The presenters integrated all questions/comments of the participants and offered useful guidelines.

The workshop provided the basic understanding of the Primary Years Programme. The session focused on

  • international – mindedness from the PYP perspective;
  • the IB standards and practices;
  • an overview of  the written, learned and assessed curriculum;
  • the verification process, including the services provided by the IB and
  • the significance and role of leadership in an IB World school offering the PYP


The workshop introduced the PYP as a systematic and all-encompassing curriculum through the study of ‘Making the PYP happen: a curriculum framework for international primary education.’ Participants looked at the implications of the learner profile. The workshop presented the overview of the written, taught and assessed curriculum as it pertains to concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes and action – the five essential elements of the PYP that integral to classroom practice.
The workshop helped the participants developed an understanding about the role of assessment in early years constructivist classroom, learn about the connection between assessment and concept – driven learning. The session also deepened the understanding of the trans-disciplinary theme and covered the strategies and tools of play-based inquiry learning in authentic context.

Making PYP happen is an in-depth guide that -

  • helps to establish connection with real world
  • states that learning is not confined within the boundaries of the traditional subject areas.
  • linkage of new knowledge with the existing knowledge

Talk show - Awareness of Dengue

Talk show by Dr. Meenu (Pathologist)

Science is a vast and fascinating subject that integrates all spheres of life. Teaching and learning science can be fun and interesting when the topics are taught in an interactive manner. In keeping with this thought, class IV students had a talk show with a reputed pathologist Dr. Meenu. Moving away from rote learning and emphasizing on meaningful learning students linked their textual knowledge with everyday’s experience. Dr. Meenu introduced different body systems to the young learners in child friendly language. Students gained conceptual clarity about the body systems and their interconnectedness.

Tuning in activity class 2 UOI 4

Teachers of class 2 of Primary Wing flipped the traditional enactment activity wherein students enact as helpers and tell about the useful work done by them. As part of tuning in activity of the ongoing inquiry on community, this time teachers dressed up as different community helpers like doctor, milkman, tailor etc. and demonstrated students their role in community. Students were excited as well as enchanted to see their dear teachers in such attire and enjoyed the session thoroughly. It was indeed an innovative way to introduce a topic in the class.

Visit to Village Panchayat