Special Assembly Starz


   The students of class I conducted a special assembly to commemorate the

  550 birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji . The students paid their tribute

  to  first sikh Guru by spreading his divine message of harmony ,

  Humility and equality . The sanctified festival was created where in

  students  sang shabad and enacted the life lessons of Guru Nanak Dev ji .

  The atmosphere was filled with piety when parents and students

  came together to offer their ‘Ardaas’ .

Diwali is the festival of lights. It was celebrated with a lot of pomp and show in Delhi Public School Ghaziabad. It started with the ‘Food Fiesta’ where children enjoyed traditional food. Children made lanterns, decorated Diya’s and Rangoli . A special assembly “Aaya Roshni Ka Tyohaar” was conducted by class Prep (STARZ WING) in which they enacted five days mythological stories of Diwali. A beautiful message of cracker free and ecofriendly Diwali was given by the children.

India is the land of festival and Dussehra has the unique distinction of being celebrated differently in various parts of India. Today class Nursery participated in Special Assembly “Vijayatsava” to bring in the fervour of ongoing festivities.

Parents were invited to become a part of celebration where they encouraged our young passionate and confident performers. Students were adorned in vibrant outfits for the day to perform the great epic Ramayana.

To culminate the day’s event and signify victory of good over evil Ravan’s effigy was burnt. It gave a big message that always goodness triumphs over evil and children were encouraged to leave their bad traits and habits.

India is the only country where all festivals, be it religious or national, are celebrated with great enthusiasm. On 13th August, 2019, the students of Class II of DPSG celebrated an enchanting extravaganza on Raksha Bandhan. This was followed by a captivating dance performance by students to honour the brother-sister bond and love.

Class III also celebrated India's 73rd year of Independence with great zeal and patriotic fervour. The students were full of zest which made the programme a huge success. The programme commenced with patriotic songs expressing the joy of freedom. The sight of little DPSG Super Kids in their traditional attires was one to behold. Foot-Tapping melodies were played and the students performed dances, creating a festive ambience.