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Admission Open for Session 2020-21 for Classes Pre Nursery to IX0 and XI.

About Society

Founded in 1980, The Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society has traversed three and a half decades to emerge amongst the top performing schools in India. With 11 schools and more than 13,000 students, DPSG now prepares to reach out to 1, 00,000 students across India, providing quality education. The DPSG teachers and students have, both, shown remarkable skills in all fields: academics, co-scholastic and sports with consistent high performance in the CBSE examinations, IIT Joint Entrance and Medical entrance examination.

Come join the movement – DPSG.

DPSGI aims to create global citizens by establishing systems to enable life long learning, self development and improved performance for continuous excellence. We also believe in making learning a joyful experience in a stimulating and intellectually challenging environment and ensure students develop intercultural respect and understanding.


  • My journey at DPSGI was nothing but 14 years of complete bliss. From class Nursery till class 12th, from the time when the school had just 1 building till the time it had 3 buildings, from the time when I used to cry while coming to school till the time I cried because I didn’t want to leave school, things changed. I changed. The teachers didn’t just impart knowledge but the values they inculcated made sure that we strive for excellence, stay humble and contribute to society. DPSGI has imbibed the motto of service before self within me. After my schooling at DPSGI, I have tried to explore avenues where I could help others in some or the other way.

  • I hold the time spent at DPSGI very close to my heart. This school gave me immense opportunities to build all facets of my personality- the yearly investiture ceremony and founders day event made me perform both academically and develop leadership qualities during my formative years. I was the Head Girl of junior wing and remained a badge holder during my entire time at school. I participated in a variety of events- debates, MUN, Peer Education prog (AEP), annual days and exhibitions providing a multi dimensional exposure which helped me find my calling. 

  • DPSGI vision talks of a quest for excellence, that is something which has stayed with me through the years. The school has also given me the confidence to interact with new people and address huge gatherings , it has given me a value system for making the right choices in life which I  cherish  and as we say it here , it has made me an " Aware, Responsible and Empowered" member of the society.