Change in CBSE Pattern

The coronavirus pandemic has been on a rampage for over four months in India, taking a toll on Education, which has been on a topsy-turvy ride. Not only is the paradigm shift from offline to online is akin to venturing into unchartered territory, for students and teachers alike, but it is also a challenge to keep up with a curriculum, which was designed for an in-person class experience.

The Central Board of Secondary Education, after taking into consideration, all the relevant factors, has announced a 30 percent reduction or rationalization in syllabus in Senior Secondary Classes of  9th to 12th. The Board has also removed several practical experiments.

The focus has been on retaining the core concepts along with the instructions that the reduced syllabus will not be a part of the internal assessment and board exams.

Reduction of topics would be effective in making the paper easier across various subjects by about 7 to 12 marks. As for the teachers, the topics left out would have to be taught and explained in order to build the next level of concepts.

The Board has also underlined the fact that the topics being mentioned as ‘dropped’ are to be covered either through the rationalized syllabus or in the alternative academic calendar of NCERT through various activities and pedagogical approaches.  

Ms. Geeta Goel

Teacher (DPSGI)

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