Embracing Hobbies, Embracing Passions and Embracing Joys of Life

Since childhood I think most of us have written an essay or a paragraph on ‘My Hobbies’. I also did so in my childhood without realizing why it was important to think on this topic and write on it. However today at this juncture, I realize how important our hobbies and passions are and how they not only sustain us but also add joy and profound meaning to our lives.

I learnt vocal music for 16 years from my childhood right up to my university years. My home had a musical environment wherein every member had learnt music and we had beautiful sessions at times. I enjoyed learning and singing in school and college but gradually with passage of time I gave up this passion without realizing what I was losing. The busier I grew with my profession and other commitments the more distant this hobby became since I had stopped practicing. After many years I picked it up again on the motivation of a family member.

I have found and realized that music is something which sustains me in moments of joy, sadness, stress and doubt. I perform at times and do compering wherein a deep contentment and joy fills me since that is ‘ME’ and I work hard for it.

All that we learn as children and youngsters, must be nurtured with love and commitment and pursued in life. It could be sports, photography, creative writing, fine arts, the list is endless. It shapes our personalities, opens a world full of possibilities for us, helps us explore our potential and enhances our skills and competencies.

Dipannita Mondal

Teacher (DPSGI)

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