Learnings From Covid19 Pandemic

Learnings From Covid19 Pandemic

COVID19 has been the most often used word during the past 4 months. When people use this word it, usually, ignites mixed feelings in both the listener and the speaker. Amidst predominant feelings of fear and anxiety what most of us have forgotten is that this time has taught us many things. One very important lesson according to me has been that of being thankful for what you have. There have been other learnings also like giving up reckless lifestyle, splurging and showing off but above all it has made me realize the usefulness of going digital.

The vast digital world has made everything seem so easy and accessible – at the touch of a button. This accessibility had been there since the past few years but during this pandemic it proved to be a boon for everyone. Digital payments also made things easier and safer and above all online school and classes did not let learning stop. Initially taking online classes did seem a bit challenging, but four months down the line, I have become quite comfortable with this mode of teaching. The PLDP that we attended also exposed us to multiple facets of online teaching and sharing content which will definitely aid in reaching out to students and making classroom sessions more interesting.

Online videos, crosswords, Kahoot, mindmaps, puzzles, etc. have added a fun element to the classes which has kept students riveted. Though I do miss the face to face teaching-learning but I do feel that online learning is the future of education and the new normal.

Nitu Agarwal

Teacher (DPSGI)

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