BEST@DPSG INTERNATIONAL: Where The Mind is Led Forward in Ever Widening Thought and Action

A school of 21st Century has the prime duty to lead all its students into ever widening thought and action.  The mind of the child is naturally inquisitive and curious and the endeavour of the school should be to nurture the natural curiosity of every young individual, to encourage them to observe, explore, ask questions and widen their horizons. 

The process begins very early in their formative years. Rather than forcing the information down the throat of students a thought nurturing school makes learning an experiential process. For example introduction of red colour is not just about familiarizing the students with the desired colour but it is an experience of delving deep into the colour and seeing their entire world coloured in red.

Exploratory thinking or innovative thinking is not something that can be taught through thick volumes. The toddlers learn diffusion through simple activities and through observation, as do their seniors. The innovation space allows students to try their hands on the ideas, projects and unexplored facets of nature and much more. 

It is imperative for a school of 21st century to constantly create as well as explore new opportunities for students in order to help the students challenge themselves and their abilities and widen their horizons.

Researches have proven that with intrusion of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in next five years the job market will transform drastically and dramatically. A 21st century school embraces the latest technology and trains teachers and students in the effective use and application of contemporary technological tools. Research based learning along with real world problem solving becomes the prime pedagogy at a great school.

Soma Singh


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