In the wake of the COVID-19 situation CBSE has shared some revisions in the syllabus and blueprint of question papers for Classes X and XII. Students have been updated on the same a number of times by teachers in their Classes for respective subjects. Here is a brief synopsis of suggested revisions in Classes X and XII.

In Class X Story Writing has been replaced with an Analytical Paragraph Writing which is in keeping with the objective of preparing students to write without prior preparation on a given topic and be able to defend or explain the views expressed.

Some lessons from both Literature texts – First Flight and Footprints without Feet have been deleted keeping in mind the loss of academic time in some schools across the country. In grammar more emphasis is being laid on consolidating and reinforcing use of grammatical items. 

The focus is now on a multi-skill, activity-based, learner-centered approach. The lessons deleted in Literature are as mentioned.

FIRST FLIGHT 1. How to Tell Wild Animals 2. Trees 3. Fog 4. Mijbil the Otter 5. For Anne Gregory

FOOTPRINTS WITHOUT FEET 1. The Midnight Visitor 2. A Question of Trust 3. The Book That Saved the Earth

It is worthwhile to mention that the syllabus deleted in Reading Skills and Writing Skills in Class XII has to be covered in Class XI and vice-versa. E.g. Note Making and Summarizing, Poster Making, Business and Official Letters, Speech and Debate Writing have been deleted in Class XII but they need to be learnt in Class XI. Likewise, Classified Advertisement, Letters to the Editor, Applications for Jobs with a Bio-Data, Article and Report Writing have been deleted from Class XI but they are to be done in Class XII.

The idea is to equip the students will necessary skills and sub-skills to write all items within the time frame. In Class XII some lessons from both the Literature texts, Flamingo and Vistas have been deleted probably keeping in mind the loss of academic time by many schools all across the country, particularly where students do not have access to online learning.

The lessons deleted in Literature are as mentioned.


1. Poets and Pancakes   2. The Interview 3. Going Places 4. A Roadside Stand


1. The Tiger King 2. Journey to the end of the Earth 3. Memories of Childhood.

The blueprint of the question paper entails quite some changes wherein it has been divided into two parts- Part A and Part B. Part A with a total weightage of 40 marks, covers MCQ type questions and 8 one marker very short answer type questions, covering Reading Skills and Literature. Part B with a weightage of 80 marks covers subjective questions that include Writing Skills and Literature. The assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills with a weightage of 20 marks, to be done by respective schools, remains the same.

Dipannita Mondal

PGT (English)

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