Dilemmas of Millennial Kids – to be the Boss of their Own Careers or Seek Guidance from Teachers

Different students have different learning styles. Most of the students think that they have the right to direct their own education path and that they can gauge what works best for them.

Students are eager to learn and they can, if they are focussed and have passion. But who will recognise and encourage their hidden talent, their latent energy?

I think they would be totally lost without a teacher!! A guide to keep them focused on their goal.

An advice from someone who has already been there and done it earlier is invaluable—one who has led many others to realise their dreams. Isn’t it great to have him or her with you to show you the right path and the right approach to go about what you wish to accomplish?

No amount of passion and self- drive is ever going to compensate for the experienced eye and the trained mind that leads you through the intricate maze of learning and knowledge all around you!!

In addition to a great teacher, we all need a carefully pre-designed course structure to keep us moving in the right direction.

With the advent of technology and outburst of information the world has become boundary less, geographies have collapsed, exponential increase in the options is witnessed and interests of people evolved. The things have become very easy, but only apparently. We can view a thousands of videos on how to make ‘Mashed Roasted Aubergine curry ‘but when it comes to the making, it needs a completely different skill set and patience, which no Google guru can provide. It can only be taught by some expert cook. Theory and practical are two different aspects of the same study. By the way, ‘Mashed roasted Aubergine curry ‘is nothing but ‘Baigan ka bharta’.

Do remember, the Internet often complicates things. To summarize, I would like to say that without guidance nothing is possible, it’s a different thing whether it is coming from the internet or classroom teaching. There are people working for us to write up, collate, and submit information on the internet for us to access. Only the form of the teacher has changed but her presence has not. The Internet cannot tell us the hands-on for doing the things. It cannot give us the feel, it can only assist but not accomplish.

The student, as the meaning implies, is not prepared and equipped to gauge the environmental changes and often gets clutched within the limitations of the limited knowledge and understanding of the scope of the career, which he wishes to pursue. To ensure success we need guidance from the subject matter experts without which we would end up missing or do incorrect mixing of the chemicals required to make the composition work.

Do you know what things influence a student the most? It is the glamor, money and power. Also, it is the friends that influence the tender minds of the students the most. Often the interests are confused with curiosity.

I can relate this to my 5-year-old nephew who has a strange habit of having his photographs done in the character of the hero of the movie which he watches and often imagines himself to be the character. But my friends, life is not a photograph. Some decisions cannot be reversed. This Raja Babu –Govinda mindset only adds to the misery of the students.

With limited understanding, short-sighted goals and peer influence the immature minds of the students are not able to make the right choices and often end up doing irreversible damage not only to their careers but to life also.

To conclude I would like to say-

गुरु कीजिए जानि के, पानी पीजै छानि ।

बिना विचारे गुरु करे, परे चौरासी खानि॥

सतगुरू की महिमा अनंत, अनंत किया उपकार।

लोचन अनंत उघाडिया, अनंत दिखावणहार॥

Varsha Bhartiya

Teacher (DPSGI)

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