Drift to Digital

During this pandemic, it became rather difficult to adjust to the new lifestyle, with a few of us, more so.

Socialising reduced to almost none, let alone go out to party or even work.
In fact, work from home is the outcome of this situation. Homes have become offices, the conference rooms have transformed into zoom or teams meetings, site visits have reduced to mere phone calls or virtual tours online.
You need to think a couple of times before stepping out, not forgetting the masks and sanitizers.

This pandemic has surely brought about a lot of changes.
But on the upside, it has given a chance to spend time with yourself.

It has given us time to get away from the usual and pursue our passions. It has brought forward the importance of internet in today’s time. Work is possible only because of the internet.

It has given a chance to people to explore many of their passions and people are taking online classes or watching you tube videos and pursuing art in the free time that they have now.

It has given all of us time to be with our families, strengthen the bonds and be thankful for the beautiful life, we have got. So let us extract the beautiful and the positive aspect of the situation we all are in and make the best of it.

Arunima Narula

Teacher (DPSGI)

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