DPSGI was the first school in Ghaziabad to start the online classes. The school made miraculous efforts to reach out to the students as soon as the lockdown was announced.

Though many of the kids didn’t even have the books, it did not stop the teachers from sharing the text through various modules. Online teaching was just not restricted to academics only but was also oriented towards the holistic development of the students.

I have seen a remarkable improvement in my own two children. Their self-confidence, level of interaction has become better and they both have become independent learners and tech savvy.

Along with academics, several different activities were also taken up online like yoga, sports challenges, Interhouse activities, online assemblies, the Investiture Ceremony and several other competitions. The school even hosted its first ever E-MUN to foster awareness about the global scenario during this pandemic.

All these efforts taken by the school and the management have definitely made the students smarter and has made their approach to life wiser.

Thank you all for being so concerned and supportive during this pandemic.

Ms. Monika Kapoor

Teacher (DPSGI)

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