Australian Council for Educational Research (India) organized an online workshop on ‘Formative Assessments in English’ on 11and 12 September 14, 2020 from 2 p.m-4.45 p.m.

The entire workshop was divided into five modules covering different facets of Formative assessments. The resource person for the first day was Ms Garima Bansal and Ms Manasa Mahesh. The areas covered on the first day were- Introducing Assessment, Introducing Formative Assessments and Implementing Formative Assessments wherein participants discussed and reflected upon the definition of assessment and its purpose in an educational setting.

An Activity Booklet had been provided to the participants which the participants were required to fill in after every activity. The responses were shared and the resource person in course of the discussion clarified the concepts of assessment ‘of’ and ‘for’ learning. Key features of Formative assessments were highlighted wherein through activities, participants had in depth understanding of the key features of Formative Assessments and its implementation in specific grades.  Various assessment terminologies e.g. Learning Progressions, Success Criteria; Learning Objectives and Learning Outcomes were discussed at length


The resource person for the second day was Killimangalam Asthamurthy. The participants were introduced to different genres of assessment tasks in specific domain areas. Based on the understanding of Formative Assessment Principles, participants were guided to create comprehensive and meaningful assessment tasks in specific domain areas like Reading and Writing. This was followed by a question answer session in which doubts were cleared and perspectives shared. Participants were also required to upload/ mail the filled in Activity Booklet- a must to get the participation certificate.

The overall workshop helped to reinforce the understanding of Formative Assessments and invent ways to make it more innovative and meaningful in classroom transaction. The shared ideas of the participants and collaborative tasks on designing Formative tasks was a valuable takeaway, worth exploring further in class.

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