Tips for Preparing for Class XII CBSE (English) Examination


Any examination requires certain skill sets for the candidate to be successful. Assessment and/or evaluation of knowledge is not the sole objective of any examination. Aspirants need to hone their skills over a period of time so that they fare well in the examination and do so confidently without fear, anxiety and a sense of uncertainty.

I thought of sharing some tips for preparing for English for the class XII Board Examination.

  • More often than not English takes a backseat as a subject to be studied regularly. This idea and practice must be discarded. It is very important to dedicate specific hours of study to this subject.
  • Written practice is very important. It is important to solve sample question papers in a time bound manner at this point of time so that time management is mastered before the boards
  • In the rationalized syllabus and revised question paper pattern that has been designed by CBSE this year, considerable weightage has been given to MCQ’s in Reading and Literature Sections. Sufficient practice on similar lines is the need of the hour.

  • Literature texts should be read very thoroughly so that MCQ’s asked from any part of the text can be answered. Selective study is a strict no-no.
  • For Writing Skills, a ready reckoner should be prepared for all the formats and the evaluation scheme borne in mind.
  • Due attention should be paid to avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

Dipannita Mondal

HOD (English Dept, DPSGI)

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