4 Differences Between an IB Board and a CBSE Board

The task of choosing the right board for your child is the most tricky and crucial one. It not only decides the future of the child, but it also helps in building and shaping up the whole personality of the child. With the whole world singing praises and benefits of the IB board, it has become all the more necessary to know the exact difference between the two boards.

IB-International Baccalaureate

This board is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and provides standardized worldwide education to the students to provide them with a practical learning education. It focuses on the overall growth of the students and prepares them well in sports, art, communicative skills and personality development.

CBSE- Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE is the most popular curriculum in India and focuses on helping students to get comprehensive knowledge. It is a central government-managed board in India.

The Differences Between the Two

The major points of difference between the two boards are:

  • Where CBSE is a national board, IB is an international board. IB has a vast acknowledgment and acceptance worldwide as compared to CBSE. The IB curriculum focuses a lot on the internal assessment.
  • The objective of an IB board is to provide international acceptance to all its pupils and thus, offers standardized courses and several assessments for students. However, the objective of a CBSE board is to serve educational institutions more effectively and is more responsible for the theoretical educational needs of all students.
  • The IB board acquires a more practical and activity-based forum for educating students, rather than a theoretical approach of imparting education. CBSE board mainly focuses on technical learning and follows a more theoretical, practical, and examination-driven curriculum.
  • The IB program prescribed no textbooks and students get the freedom to choose according to their own books. The course material required by the IB incline to be much more. Here in CBSE, no other sources are required. The curriculum prescribed textbooks that follow the NCERT curriculum. 

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