In this age of computers and information explosion, our children are digital natives who were born and raised in a world defined by the internet and smart devices.

Memorizing facts and figures is no longer necessary to function successfully in everyday life. In a fast-changing world, facts and information change frequently, therefore, what is most needed is to develop the skill of inquiry and research where children direct their own learning.

Classrooms today are changing from teacher centered to student centered. Students tend to see more value in what they learn, when they lead the learning process. Retention is higher, since ownership is on them, and class- room discussions are enhanced due to improved critical thinking and increased participation.

Though the classrooms are student led, the role of the teacher has become more intricate and challenging than ever before.

Teachers in the modern times have a versatile and multidimensional role to play.

They inspire their students, motivate them and awaken the desire to learn. They are role models as well as subject experts who ensure active participation of students and create the necessary precondition for learning.

Teachers not only strategize the specific syllabi that students have to learn but also employ the best teaching practices and tools to ensure a positive learning atmosphere. They stay positive, are innovative, inspire, plan, provide specific feedback and celebrate every little achievement of their students.

Deepti Sinha

Teacher (DPSGI)

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